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The arrival of the tenth period meant that I became a sister-in-law and honored to be a master of two apprentices-two clever girls!

Let's talk about my recent experience as a mentor. I 've learned a lot in teaching and learning.

The positive exchange landscape between the two parties is initially formed: As the English director, I often go to the machine room where I studied on the fifth floor to see how I learned English. In fact, no matter what questions they asked, I tried to give a concise and accurate answer, for the first time they came, maybe the sister-in-law could give them a little inspiration and give them a little experience. Just like me, if I had a sister-in-law, it would be nice to tell me a little bit. every time I see me, hongyuan will say, "My Master is here! "When you hear such a sentence, you will immediately become cheerful even if you are in a bad mood, for fear that your low mood may affect others. indeed, the enthusiasm of a teacher is given by the students. The potential of a teacher is derived from the stimulation of the students! Dan mei is a cheerful girl. She always looks so lively and careful. She actively greets and communicates with each other, so that she wants to tell her what she knows like her sister.

The mentor conference will not be held in the General Assembly Hall: we must be unqualified to be promoted to the mentor. It doesn't matter if we find that the problem is solved. The first conference was very successful, and the ninth stage of the Conference was very positive. Our conference was switched from the meeting room on the fourth floor to the fifth floor halfway through, and the masters took the initiative to look for apprentices and asked if they had any questions, we also learned from our masters how to use their experiences and lessons to learn from their ten-stage apprentices. We also constantly reflected on what we were doing badly. We all felt: Where can we find such a good master!

The deputy mentor system leads the trend of the times: in view of the gender and other issues of some students, in order to better exchange and impart knowledge, we consistently use the "deputy mentor system" to guide the apprentice by a principal mentor, in addition, as a helper and coordination role, more people can communicate with each other to create more sparks of inspiration and improve the apprentice's level in multiple aspects.

The teacher is very valuable and has a higher price: until now, he will often indulge himself, and will not solve some small problems if no one cares about himself. When I became a mentor, I had an apprentice. It was a bit embarrassing to look at their attitude towards study seriously. Occasionally, I asked a question, but I did not solve it once ...... As a result, I began to analyze myself, and began to challenge the inertia that I had to live.

This is an opportunity for improvement. This is a role change. It is a kind of supervision over learning. I believe that we are more steadfast while being guided and guided.

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