Changtu mobile phone password retrieval vulnerability and ddos email server problems and fixes

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After testing, there was a vulnerability in two locations and there was another design problem. Unverified users could not retrieve their passwords by email. If they were not verified, they could also place orders, that is, a lot of business permissions. After a user forgets the password and cannot retrieve the password after consumption, he first logs on to the home page and sees the password retrieval and the mobile phone retrieval. Then he thinks of brute-force cracking, the result shows that the get method is useless. First, try to select your mobile phone number to send the verification code, enter a verification code, view the post information, and intercept the brute-force cracking verification code, A successful message is returned. Because the password has been retrieved from another mobile phone number, the get address is saved and the Unified Address is used to log on to the database after the cracking is successful, click "OK" to change the password. The result is successful. If you do not enable the password again, modify the password and submit it again, the get method is also successful. You only need to enter the verification code once to use this get address vulnerability proof: Then you can check the mailbox to retrieve the password and try again. No problem, but I think that I have sent a lot of ddos email servers, and Jian Xin does not pay much attention to this. Then I will submit a detailed explanation of the dangers of this. Can anyone write this paper, the page can be opened only once, but I can use post without using burp. burp directly parameterized numbers to launch ddos attacks. Then I can check my mailbox. I have already set a blacklist, I don't want to accept too many spam emails.


I think the solution of Issue 1 is better than post, unless you get the real logic, there is no vulnerability. The solution of problem 2 is to limit the number of messages sent by the same mailbox every day.

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