Chapter 1 of a program's life: Server

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Chapter picking Server
After everything was settled down, I began to carefully review my directory. When I came to the outside world, it was really different. The more I checked it carefully, the more I thought it was a great place. There are two thousand seven hundred and twenty-five files in this directory, of which four hundred and eleven are running programs, and the total number of subdirectories is as high as one hundred and five, which makes people feel a sense of security. I was so satisfied with this directory that I began to regret it. Why didn't I find it on my computer? Maybe I could find such a place to live. After a successful meal, I remembered that I had not yet written down the name of this directory. I will find this beautiful place directly when I migrate to other worlds. The directory name is system32. Well, I like the domineering name. It will be my old nest in the future. After some necessary measures have been settled, I think of one thing. I still have the PIO and pandatv heads in my Dantian. Although pandatv's head is cool, it does not do anything bad after all, so it is hard to keep it shut down. Just after we connected Dan Tian's sensor, the voice of the zebra fish immediately came. "Look, brother Tian, you must have settled down, right? You can go out and play ...... Little pandatv, let's go. "Pull the head of the pandatv, And the zebra fish will be ready to leave the Dantian world immediately. "Slow down! You can go out, but the pandatv head won't work. "I mean," Why ?? How cute, you see, "she picked up the head of the panda and touched it on her body just as she touched the doll. As I watched it, I thought of the fierce nature of pandatv's head raging throughout the computer world, and it turned out to be a goose bumps. "Cute? Have you ever seen him go crazy? Oh, you were not very smart at that time ...... It's really terrible when it's crazy. If it wasn't for me to be banned in my Dantian, he would have gone through the sky. In case of going out for work, let alone you and me, the world is ruined. "" How can you say this seriously? People have already recognized him as a younger brother. It's so cute, isn't it?" Asked the zebra fish. The damn head of the panda immediately points it like a chicken or a chicken ...... "I promise that pandatv will always follow me after it goes out and never do bad things again. What do you think about it?" "……" "If he is doing something bad, I am willing to come to your Dan tin to shut down. Okay ?" I 've done everything I could with a little coquetry. "If you don't let him go out, I won't leave it ...... ......" As a result, the more I cry, the more sad I am. Although I am not familiar with pandatv headers, it is indeed not a problem to close the PIOs. In addition, the pandatv head is so cute in front of the zebra fish, there should be other reasons, too lazy to go further. I breathed a sigh and opened the channel from Dantian to the outside world. Almost no shadow has been seen. I can't adapt quickly because I have already taken the pandatv head out. "Look at Brother Tian, let's go and have fun first. come to you when you are free." She turned around and gave me such a comment with a bad smile, and then she disappeared, there are traces of crying. ...... After the processing was stopped, I decided to enrich my strength. In the past, the only way to improve the strength was to cultivate the spirit to improve their information processing capabilities. Now it is different. I can use Dan Tian to steal the ability to learn other programs. Of course, this learning also consumes mental power, so there is no way to steal teachers without end-to-end, you need to choose high-quality skills. So I started to observe at the door of the directory to see what programs in the directory are and what skills they have. After several days of squatting, I found that most of the programs that can be run in a directory with me are the employees of the group, and each one is only responsible for one thing, that is, in fact, each program has only one skill. They often go in and out in directories and do jobs assigned by various group companies. I also know their respective tricks when they finish their tasks. Then the days later began to get bored. I picked some of the most useful programs in my mind and got them one by one to Dantian to steal the teacher. After exhausting my mental power, I began to cultivate my skills and then continued to grasp the next one, this has been repeated for many days. I finally learned most of the common skills of the employees of the dead group. For example, some basic functions such as copy and copy files and CD operating directories are available, for example, net user is used to control system users to change passwords, and net use is used to share network access to other computers, as well as other advanced network skills such as telnet, Ping, and netstat. The most important thing is that I found the physical file of the underwater world and learned to start the underwater world in person. I don't need to wait for half an hour to start it automatically, even once I started the underwater world as soon as humans left, attracting strong human doubts. Immersed in the underwater world, I do not feel happy, but what I get is endless loss. Because the underwater world looks exactly the same as that in my hometown, the coral and ripple light and shadows of the seaweed in the sand drop her, the mermaid ice ...... After waiting for many times, I gradually woke up and ice will not appear here. I am going to search for her on the Internet. Since then, I have never taken the initiative to start the underwater world. What I want to do now is to improve my strength and leave this small data center. As Norton and other bodyguards do not interfere, I am more bold. Later, I pinged a lot to detect all the IP addresses in the network, and determined some basic information about all nearby computers based on their feedback, for example, the operating system, whether or not to boot the system, etc (later I learned that this is one of the basic network skills, scanning ). After scanning all the computers in the data center, I tried to connect them through net use with the username and password. I found that the passwords of dozens of machines in the data center were the same. Then I began to wander around the computer world in the entire machine room. I would be there for a while and ran all the corners of the computer. During this period, I leave a special case. There is only one computer in the entire data center. The user and password are different from others! This is the only place I have never arrived. I think, will there be any secret there? So I think of the new Telnet technique recently, which can be used to find out which ports the computer has opened, and through these ports I can roughly guess what services it provides. Just do it. I repeatedly used the Telnet skill to scan him from Port 1 to 65535, and almost exhausted my mental strength. After a short break and some recovery, I began to sort out the scanning results and found that this guy was an iron rooster, except port 80 and port 433, the others are ports opened by the company by default without any value for use. There is always better than none. Generally, the website uses port 80 as the egress of the service. For example, is actually the port 80 of the accessed It can be said that port 80 is the default port of the website. So I started the browser program iexplorer using the IP address of this computer as the parameter. After a pause, a simple website came into view, and I didn't see any features in it. There was only one user name and password input box and login button. According to the Website Logo, this website is a BBS Forum program. From the interface address, we can see that this is an old-fashioned Forum written using Microsoft's ASP. In addition, it can be roughly determined from port 1433 opened on the machine that the background service of the Forum uses the sqlserver server. Looking at this cold login interface, I hesitated. How can I access a server different from other computers?

Chapter 1 of a program's life: Server

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