Chapter 1 Overview

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Section 1 Overview

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Picasso only depicts the essential elements of his subject in his abstract art. The commercial proposal or other written documents usually contain summaries or summaries of the content. In such a state of mind, object-oriented programming promotes abstraction-eliminating irrelevant factors and retaining only necessary ones. For example, if you want to develop a management software for veterinary medicine, you will create a dog class (inherited from a pet class) that contains dog-related content. This dog class represents an abstraction of a dog in real life, but it is not a precise model of a dog, but only a model of the dog in what the software requires. For example, you will not put a chew (shoe) method or an lickembarrassingly () method, because your software does not need to model these behaviors of dogs. Extracting objects to the minimum required representation can simplify complexity, accelerate the development process, and significantly reduce errors.

Jface is an abstraction layer above SWT. In SWT, you usually create controls, add data to them, and call their methods. Jface has taken a step back from basically dealing with controls and wraps them into a hierarchy to make these controls easier to use. It hides many implementation details and reduces the number of lines of code that must be written to achieve the goal.

Unlike SWT, jface is not released separately from eclipse. This means that you must install eclipse to obtain jface. Jface does not require you to keep eclipse on your hard disk. If you want to, you can copy the jface JAR file to another directory and delete eclipse. The jar files of jface are all in the eclipse/Plugins directory and scattered in different jar files:

  • Jface. jar in org. Eclipse. jface_3.0.0
  • Runtime. jar in org. Eclipse. Core. runtime_3.0.0
  • Osgi. jar in org. Eclipse. osgi_3.0.0
  • Jfacetext. jar in org. Eclipse. jface. text_3.0.0
  • Text. jar in org. Eclipse. text_3.0.0

You can copy these files to any place you like and publish these files (or at least those you use) with your jface program. You don't need to use all these files in every program, so you can simply publish the part that your program depends on.


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