Chapter 1 Quan Zhiwei

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Teng Qingshan glanced at Sun leimu and said, "Sun leimu! You are the first god of God, and I am just a passthrough. Why are you forcing me to fight with you ?"
"Hu and brother, where is your male blood !" Sun Lei muhu looked angry and shouted.
"Do I have to fight for a person who challenges me? I am not exhausted. If you want to try someone, you can try someone else! I'm not interested ." Teng Qingshan said that he was about to go to the house. Now he has received news from his mother-in-law, and he wants to go abroad.
Teng Qingshan really doesn't want to worry about the troubles of this 'wuchi ', so as to avoid further troubles!
"Call And !" Sun leimu was angry. "You --"
He used to boast Teng Qingshan, run, and deliberately stimulate ......
Unexpectedly, the other party actually paid attention to it.
The Wan yang next to Teng Qingshan was not excited, and he couldn't help but Rush. He said, "This call is probably a real fear ."
When you say "hehe! Riermu Ge is my first God, and you are an invincible warrior with an enemy of 100,000! The first battle of both of you was rare for centuries! But now, you are so timid, are you afraid ?"
Teng Qingshan's face sank, turning his head> to that ten thousand days.
"Brother Wan. Does this matter to you ?" Li Yi opened her eyes. Shouted.
There is an open ground in front of the palace. Because the first God will be more advanced than ever. They are all big voices. It has attracted many people.
"What happened before ?"
"I heard that the first God will challenge a call and land. That call and. But the legendary Demon 'arada !"
Many idle people have gathered. One by one. I was amazed. A large group of people are staring at Teng Qingshan and Sun leimu.
"Which is Alada ?"
"Look, it's the one with a beard that looks pretty handsome ."
Many people have only heard of the name of the demon 'arada', but have never seen real people. They all looked at Teng Qingshan with curiosity. With an enemy of 100,000, the enemy can be killed and killed by nearly 20 thousand, and other soldiers are broken. This is incredible! This is the name of the Devil 'arada!
Centralized audience.
At this moment, a white robe on the waist, tall Li, is indeed very eye-catching.
Li turned to the First God and said with a cold face, "the first God! This is a friend of mine. I know that the first God will love you to find someone to discuss, ...... I hope you don't drag on with him !"
"Sorry, I am not here !" Said, Li made a look at Teng Qingshan.
The two are ready to go away.
Wan Tianyang was scolded by Li, and then saw Li and Teng Qingshan's eyes communicate with each other. His head was hot and his eyes were red. Then he said, "hehe! You are a man, or a peerless strong who is famous for the prairie. Why, today, a woman is ready to escape? Are you still not a man? Check whether there is a missing item in your crotch !"
Teng Qingshan suddenly turned around and stared at those tens of thousands of days!
Teng Qingshan's heart is furious.
"You, shut up !" Three words in the teeth of Teng Qingshan!
Wan Tianyang is also a fire, said: "sister-in-law! Lao Tzu has been pursuing her for so long, and today, for this sake, it is in the public. Target me again! In her mind, I am afraid my position is far less than the sum of achievements !"
Wan Tianyang is not an idiot! Based on these performances, he certainly can launch some things!
"This bitch really thinks he is something! Not women. I have some! Without you, I cannot do it anymore !" Ten thousand days of Yang's position is respected. Of course, a woman wants to have it, but she had a bit of thoughts on Li's heart. Now she wants to get rid of it. He just gave up!
If you don't want to pursue it, you must take revenge!
"Didn't you pay attention to this call ?" Tens of thousands of days Yang mouth a sneer, looking at Teng Qingshan, has decided, "This is a God of mountains, he calls and counts something. Do he dare to be arrogant in the sky ?" Ten days ago, he could not look at Teng Qingshan, but now he will be next to the first god, and ...... God!
How can Tian Shen allow Teng Qingshan to be arrogant here?
"Call And !" The voice of Ten Thousand Days is rolling around and staring at Teng Qingshan. "You are an outsider. This is the God of heaven, And I am the God of heaven and the God of darkness. Why did you shut up me ?"
"Tian Yang !"
The first God beside him frowned upon the thunder, and reached out to stop ten thousand days of Yang. Then the first God looked at Sun Lei Mu' to Teng Qingshan and solemnly said, "hehe, you are the best man in the grassland! In my previous words, I was a little slow. Please do not care. To show respect, you and I will come to a 'warrior blood '."
"God Mountain, life and death Cliff! October 3, June 28! How do you and I fight ?" Sun leimu looked at the people behind him. The soldiers behind him immediately came to a bowl of porcelain bowls filled with water. Sun leimu reached out his hand, his right hand was shining brightly, and his fingers were marked with red blood flowing out.
Tick! Tick!
The porcelain bowl filled with water has been red, and Sun leimu stared at Teng Qingshan: "If you accept this warrior's bloody battle, please drink it !" Behind him, Bing Wei immediately ran over the bowl of water to Teng Qingshan.
Today, raymu is not ironic, and he does not mean to encourage others, but has sent out the heaviest invitation!
Warrior blood
That is the challenge of the highest specification on the prairie. The challenge party will drop blood in the bowl and solemnly ask the opponent to drink it. If the other party is willing to drink it, it will accept World War I. If you don't drink it, you won't accept World War I ...... It will be sneered at by all grass-roots people and think that this person is as timid as a rat, not a real man! It will be sneered at by everyone!
The warriors are very respected.
You need to select a good day for both parties to prepare for the first battle in a selected location! This is not a simple discussion, but a real battle of warriors! The weak can challenge the strong, and the two can also challenge each other. However, the strong cannot use this method to challenge the weak, which will also be laughed!
One is the first God!
One is 'arada', a demon capable of 0.1 million '.
In the eyes of everyone, they should be hierarchical figures!
On the open space in front of the Goddess's house, the goddess of God has gathered gods, guard and soldiers, and some disciples of God and God. Everyone is staring at Teng Qingshan-Everyone thinks that at least a man is at least powerful, and it is impossible to reject the bloody battle of the warrior!
If you refuse, stop yourself!
"Why are you forcing my friends so hard ?" Li was angry.
"This is a battle of real warriors, sister-in-law. Do not intervene ." Wan Tianyang smiled and gave a look at Li. Even if he didn't want to pursue Li as his wife any more, he still had the idea of holding down Li. But there was an evil fire in his chest!
Teng Qingshan stared at the WAN Yang with a calm face, and the guard was still holding the bowl of blood.
"And, I think you ......" Wan Tianyang looked at Teng Qingshan again and was about to speak.
Teng Qingshan's eyes are shining!
"It's really killing me !" Teng Qingshan gritted with anger, like a dragon across nearly ten miles.
Wan Tianyang's face changed greatly: "day ......"
"Arrogant !" The Sun Lei Mu's face sank, and the ROAR echoed in the sky above the mountain, straight forward to Teng Qingshan, and waved out the right palm filled with blue light. However, Teng Qingshan experienced a blur of shadows, hitting the shadows of qingguang!
Originally, Sun leimu was confident and his face suddenly changed. It only feels a mighty, arrogant, and terrible force.
"Peng !"
Shock waves visible to the naked eye are transmitted around as if they were water waves ~~~" The land in front of the Goddess's palace was shaken up, and many gods watching in the distance, and many disciples, as well as some patrol guards and other people, were shocked.
After the earthquake, the whole person of riemu flew away, while Teng Qingshan's blurred shadow was a slight meal, but then rushed to the sky.
"How is it possible ?" Ten thousand days Yang just supported the shock wave and found the scene!
The first God was shocked by 'ri lim!
And the Hehe, the demon 'alada', was just a meal, and then rushed over again!
Both of them compete!
"Snap !" The clear and crisp voice is very loud, and only a blurred palm shadow is seen in the eyes of the people around you, and the lightning strikes the face of tens of thousands of days. A clever force works on tens of thousands of days of Yang, tens of thousands of days Yang was slapped like a gyro, And the whole man turned around.
Then "Peng !" A sound, heavy drops on the ground.
The face of Wan Tianyang was swollen and the whole person fell to the ground. It seemed a little confused.
Call! Teng Qingshan quickly rushed to the front of the TEN-ten-one's chest and lifted it.
"Call and brother, show your mercy !" Then the first God may not be able to advance or retreat to the nearemu.
Teng Qingshan took a look at him, and the first God dared to work hard with himself? On the strength of explosive power, the strength of the inner and the powerful body, Teng Qingshan is absolutely overwhelmed by the innate Gold Level of the strong. The first day of the Fund, who want to beat Teng Qingshan, can only rely on flexibility to rely on speed!
"You, you ......" Wan Tianyang finally woke up, his face swollen, and looked at Teng Qingshan, who was so angry that he spoke a little trembling.
Teng Qingshan grabbed each other, as if holding a mosquito, and another hand patted his face and said, "You can tell me the name of the mosquito. It's as easy as killing a mosquito! Also, don't try again later! You are not good enough !"
He said that he threw tens of thousands of days of Yang, and tens of thousands of days of Yang seemed to have fallen heavily on the ground, but he did not dare to say anything.
"Thank you ." Sun leimu smiled and said, "I don't know you, I am a warrior, but you dare to take it ?" At this moment, after a battle, the fierce blood is boiling.
Teng Qingshan glanced at Sun leimu.
"Bowl !" Teng Qingshan had a cold drink.
In the distance, the guard who protected the water bowl woke up completely, and ran over the water bowl, delivering it with respect.
"Hope you don't disappoint me !" Teng Qingshan glanced at Sun leimu, took the water bowl, looked up, and dried up.
Next --
"Snap !" The water bowl breaks apart, and the broken sound is like knocking on the hearts of the people. The tens of thousands of Tianyang who are already scared to scream is even more powerful.
"Small, let's go ." Teng Qingshan and Li joined in ignoring a group of people and walked directly to the building.

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