Chapter 1 Requirement Analysis

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This system is based onBSThe structured examination system is used to provide a Paperless Examination Platform for the school. The system administrator can manage and construct the question database of each subject and organize the questions through chapter difficulty. Instructors can specify the exam policy based on the question library. The exam is then randomly generated based on the exam policy for students to take the exam. Exam questions can include single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, closed questions, empty questions, and short answer questions.5Basic Question type. It can also be a combination of these five questions.

Students must follow the basic test room rules. For example, they cannot enter the test room within minutes of being late and cannot submit their documents in advance. Multiple classes are allowed to take the test each time. students not in the same class cannot take the test. Specify an exam policy for each exam and generate a exam for the students who take the exam based on the exam policy. After the exam time is reached, you are no longer allowed to submit exams. After the examination, the teacher can correct the examination paper online. Automatic marking is allowed for objective questions. Students can view their test scores online!

2.2Use case description

Manage classes: After logging on to the admin portal, you can add or delete classes. The test will specify the class that you are allowed to take. Only students in the class can take the test. The class information includes the class name and other information.

Manage instructor information: After logging on to the Administrator, you can add and modify instructor information. The instructor information includes the login name and password. It serves as the basis for instructor login verification.

Manage students: After logging on to the system, the administrator can add student information to the class, including student ID, name, and password. The initial password is the student ID. After logging in, students can modify their own information.

management question bank: after logging on to the instructor, you can add, modify, and delete subjects, chapters, and questions.. The subject can contain several chapters. The subject chapter is used to organize the question library. This topic can contain multiple questions. Questions are difficult, content, answers, and other information.

Develop question strategy: after logging on to the instructor, you can add, delete, and modify the examination policy, Exam questions, policy items, and other information. Exam strategies include several exam questions, and exam questions include multiple policy items. Policy items include question scope and score, question count, and other information used to randomly select a certain question from a specified question.

Create an exam: after logging in, the instructor can create an exam. The exam information includes the exam information. The name, start time, end time, class attendance, late arrival time, paper delivery time, and an exam policy. During the online exam, the real test room rules will be simulated based on the exam information.

This volume: after logging on to the instructor, select the student's examination paper. The standard answer scores each question of the student. The system allows automatic scoring of objective questions and the total score.

take the test: after logging on to the system, select the exam you want to take. The test determines whether students are allowed to take the test according to the test rules. If you allow random exam generation for students based on the specified exam policy. You can save your exam at any time during the exam. How can students log on to the exam again when they are offline? They can continue to answer questions from the last saved exam status. Students can submit their papers after completing the examination. If the submission time is not reached, the submission is not allowed. If the exam ends, you cannot submit the exam.

View score: the student enters the student ID and password and selects to view the score. The system displays the transcript of all students performing the test.

Change Password: After logon, all users can change their logon password.

2.3Use case diagram

Figure 2-1 system use case

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