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At the low end of November, I bought a copy of Steve Jobs's autobiography on the roadside stall. I spent one day and one night browsing it before it was found in this world. There are still legends like apple. at the same time, it is also touched by Apple's exquisite.

The next day, when I visited cocoachina, I found that non-Mac machines could also be installed with Mac, and I began to use my own small y vendors to spoof apple.


Day and day

When I went to work on Monday, I found that my colleagues were also hacking the apple. So they joined me for a day and finally saw the apple desktop on John.

The next step is to install the driver xxxxxx. Install xcode


One week after seeing Steve Jobs's autobiography, he wrote Hello world on IOS.


I remember seeing the development video of the iPhone in the open class at Stanford University on Netease. I watched the first episode last night and followed the example of the slider in the video. I am deeply satisfied.


Current conditions:

An iphone book, an open class at Stanford University, and development tools


Complete the Stanford open course tutorial in the next six months to get started with iPhone development.

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