Chapter 1/Lesson 2 of "Three Kingdoms of boiling water"

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Chapter 1 Lesson 2 self-help
The name of the Yangtze River International Business Administration University is derived from the Chinese classical masterpiece "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". It has created countless heroic heroes throughout the ages and is an internationally renowned university. Liu Bei is able to become a student of this university, and his future prospects are enough for unlimited Association.
Uncle Liu yuanqi knew that the child would be promising when he grew up. He came over and said to him, "This child is finally angry with his dead father. What about you? It's not easy to be a widow for many years. Will he pay for his college tuition later !" Uncle opened a store in his house, and his uncle purchased his goods for business on weekdays. He had little savings.
Liu Bei and his mother were both surprised and surprised. The surprise was that the high tuition fee was finally settled. The strange thing is that my uncle has always been a poor man and a rich man, and he is very cold to his nephew and nephew. How can he suddenly be willing to generously help me?
"As the saying goes, self-help is helpful. Since God is willing to help you, what's more about my uncle ?"
Self-help daily support? Liu Bei's heartbeats suddenly changed. Until he came to college, until he graduated from college, until he experienced every dilemma, he fell into meditation again and again, and asked the God in the dark again and again: what is the relationship between self-help and Tianzhu?
He gave himself the following answers:
1. The real self-help is an admirable enlightened person who will despise the difficulties, and the difficulties will suddenly crash in front of him-a process like God's help.
2. A real self-help is like a firefly in the dark. It not only lights itself up, but also wins others' appreciation-when people appreciate a person, it is often in the form of help to express love-good luck thus come.
3. people believe that a real self-help will ultimately achieve his success, and all those who have helped him will feel gratified.
4. If a self-help person knows how to report his kindness, people will give him more help, so he can face his life more easily.
He used his own understanding to apply this mythical philosophy. Famous sayingBut I tried and tried again. In view of his ability to constantly improve in financial conditions, the school is also helping him in many ways, giving him tuition relief, giving him scholarship, and giving him a job-study opportunity. When he graduated from his senior year, he suddenly looked back, and the poverty problem that once overwhelmed him was like the night, quietly passing away in the morning.

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