Chapter 2: More

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I talked about the programmer's pursuit, including a sense of belonging and achievement. So is sense of belonging and accomplishment unilateral? Does it rely solely on the company to give you? Obviously not. As a programmer, we also need to fight for it on our own. Make yourself a shining point and discover yourself by the company.

In the vast army of programmers, how can you become a bright spot, not buried in the universe? You cannot always look forward to fate. Opportunities are equal for everyone, depending on whether you can seize them. The same is true for sense of belonging and sense of accomplishment. How can we achieve this? From my perspective, the point is, can you be a little more advanced than others? I believe that gold will always shine.

Do more

Do not always complain that you are not appreciated by the leaders. First, analyze your own problems. Are you doing more than others, or are you doing better than others? Generally, there are only two types of people who are easy to follow. One is a good person, and the other is a poor person. People who do poorly do not need to talk about it. appreciation is impossible. Benevolent companies may find ways to improve you. Serious companies may think about how to send you home. So how can we become good people? Think about doing more than others. Even if you feel that you have done enough, because others may do less than you. To stand out, you must do more than others.

Do you go to work on time every day? Do you get off work on time every day? If the answer is yes, it can only be said that you are very common, because most people work in this way. You can get off work half an hour later. You can get to work half an hour earlier, so that you can do more than others, so that you can accumulate more time for yourself, you can also let the leaders see your efforts, right?

Do you complain about your hard work? Do you complain about your work? If the answer is yes, it can only be said that you are very common, because most people complain. If you want to shine, you need to do more work than others, do more work than others, and do more work than others, then you may show a stronger ability and style than others. With less complaints and more efforts, you can get what you want.

Learn more

If you are a newbie, if you think you still have a lot to understand. So, please learn more. Learn more about how others do it, learn useful practices from them, and learn better ways of working and Methods. Read more professional books and learn the most basic principles and knowledge from them, make you more competitive.

Learn to be good at learning from the surrounding environment, and learn to be good at learning from the surrounding groups. Only by learning how others shine and how others fail can you sum up your experience, learn lessons, and move yourself closer to success can you become a shining point. You must know that others are also making progress. Learning more can make you faster and more competitive than others.

Think more

During your work, have you worked hard? During project creation, have you ever thought about whether you can make the functions more concise, easier to operate, and easier to use? Have you ever thought about it for your colleagues? Can you write your requirements more clearly, write designs more completely, write codes more reasonably and easily, and write documents more organized? Have you ever thought for the company whether the cost can be reduced, the construction period can be shorter, and the software quality can be higher? Have you thought for yourself whether there is a better solution to the problem, higher program efficiency, and more reasonable module design?

If you want to think more, you can mine deep-seated problems. Otherwise, you can only float the surface. How can you do better than others? If you think more, you can discover the nature of the problem and find a better solution.

In case of problems, do not always complain. Complaints cannot help you solve the problem, but make others feel that you are incompetent. Leaders do not want negative voices to change in the company. Think a little more, face the blade, overcome difficulties, you become a shining point.


Let's talk a little more, including two aspects: one is to ask more, and the other is to say more.

To learn from others, if you do not understand anything, you must be good at learning from the experts. This is a shortcut for me. It is much better and faster than reading a book without your head, in addition, the understanding will be more profound. There is no perfect person, and people with even higher levels cannot understand anything. Therefore, do not ask questions to others because of your high level. It is of great benefit to ask more.

In more words, you must be good at expressing yourself. If you have your own ideas and opinions on some issues, please let us know more. Clarify your point of view, the cause and effect, and the assumptions and conclusions. It is difficult to break the argument. Many people will give a lot of reasons to avoid the problem. If you can say a solution to the problem, you will naturally show a better performance than others.

Be good at expressing your own opinions, be good at accepting others' good suggestions and opinions, and even criticize others. You can improve yourself, alert yourself, and improve yourself. So, let's talk a little more.

If we say that I have a sense of belonging, it may be summed up, but in fact I am not doing well. Always remind yourself to do more than others, read more, think more, And say more. Over time, you will be much more than others, and naturally you will be recognized and appreciated by the leaders.

Maybe we cannot create opportunities for ourselves, but at least we can make full preparations for the arrival of opportunities, rather than regret the passage of opportunities.

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