Chapter 2 new and innocent reality

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Chapter 2 new and innocent

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After the incident was confirmed, Jiangbei signed the second system, namely the second contract, with Teacher Yan, which is just a matter of course.

Teacher Yan did not expect Jiangbei to be able to reverse the situation. In addition to an accident, he knew that Jiangbei was "above", so he was very polite to Jiangbei, even if he had fewer kickbacks, it also works with Jiangbei.

After the contract was signed, Jiangbei received the first payment of the second ticket, that is, the prepayment of 40 thousand yuan, and then gave Zhao yuan and Yan the first kickback according to different percentages.

With Zhao yuan, Jiangbei thought it was much easier to handle.

When Hu laoer received the message, he was so angry that he could not crush Jiangbei and swallow it.

Hu was still careless. He thought Jiangbei was a programmer and had no relationship and could not do anything. Therefore, he did not continue "PR" to the leaders of Yan's school ", however, he did not expect Jiangbei's energy to go so far. First, he handled the above leaders of Yan's school step by step.

After Hu's anger, he was still thinking about how to reverse the situation. If he lost to Jiangbei, former employee, where did he put his face?

After receiving a new list, Jiangbei began busy coding.

The teaching systems of teacher Yan's school are basically developed using C/C ++ and used together with ASP. NET for website programs in the system. Website programs are actually website Systems and subsystems in the teaching system.

Jiangbei's current teaching system includes a website system that serves as a subsystem. Website systems naturally need webpage Art Design. Compared with those programs developed by Jiangbei, the technical content of webpage art design is not high, which is measured in terms of salary, "gold-rich" is also much lower. The so-called "good steel" should be used on the blade. Therefore, Jiangbei does not want to spend any energy on it. He is considering whether to hire someone to do the job.

Sometimes it seems a coincidence that Jiangbei was thinking about whether to hire someone to design a webpage artist. Someone contacted him on QQ.

That person is a colleague of Jiangbei zhongsoft company, called Li Chen. He is in the same department as Jiangbei and is under Jiangbei. He is engaged in Webpage art design. When Li was just at chinansoft, he just graduated from college, so he was a newcomer with a very low level of qualifications. About half a year later, Jiangbei left chinansoft, so the communication between Jiangbei and Li Chen was not very deep. However, over the past six months, Jiangbei also gave Li Chen many work and career guidance, at that time, Li Chen was grateful to Jiangbei.

After chatting on QQ, Jiangbei knew that after Li Chen came back this year, he also resigned from chinansoft because he couldn't stand Hu's attitude towards employees, I don't want to do it any more. Shortly after he left chinansoft, he found another company, but he thought it was not very good. He did not leave the company for a long time and is looking for a job now.

When Li Chen knew that Jiangbei had come out to work alone, he admired Jiangbei and said something to praise Jiangbei. Then, he asked Jiangbei: "I don't know if jiangzong wants to invite anyone? I am also looking for a job now. If Jiang asks someone, I 'd better go to your company and continue to work under you ."

It seems that Li Chen is also a smart young man. He knows how to rename Jiangbei as "jiangzong" and has a future!

"In fact, I am also doing this. Recently, I am also considering recruiting a person to design web page art to do this. If you are free, it would be better for you to come to our company, let's talk about it in detail." Jiangbei also readily replied to Li Chen.

Jiangbei thought, it would be better to be familiar with this kind of work. He also knew Li Chen's ability to work. At that time, when he was still at chinansoft, Li Chen made great progress in the past six months, after more than a year, the design level of Li Chen must have improved a lot, moreover, he and Li Chen also left chinansoft for a similar reason, so now that it is so clever, it is no longer appropriate for Li Chen, in this way, it also saves time and effort to find someone to interview one by one during online recruitment.

According to the agreed time, after Li Chen came to the company in Jiangbei for an interview, the matter was finalized immediately: Jiangbei gave Li Chen a monthly salary of three thousand yuan, and the trial period was one month, he does not want to buy social security for the time being. Li Chen does not mind that Jiangbei's company is a small temple and is very willing to come in for a try, because he thinks Jiangbei's staff are good and his salary is okay.

Of course, Jiangbei's salary for Li Chen is okay. At least it is much better than Li Chen's salary when he first entered the company. Li Chen's salary was only over one thousand yuan a month when he first joined the company. It can be seen that many college students in China are cheap labor when they just graduated! There are social problems and many problems in university education.

Jiangbei roughly calculates that the monthly cost is three thousand yuan, and the annual cost is 36,000 yuan. According to the current situation, all the orders of Yan's school can be followed, this would be a huge amount of income, so the amount of 36,000 yuan is really easy and Jiangbei can afford it.

After Li Chen arrived, he shared the design work of the webpage artist, and Jiangbei was able to devote all his energy to program development in a critical position. Li Chen used to work under Jiangbei and is familiar with each other. Now, they can work with each other without any need to work together. This is a good thing for both of them.

Spring is fading and summer is coming. After a month of intense and busy work, more than half of the development of the second set of system expansion functions has been completed, and the time has come to pay Li Chen and turn him into a positive person.

This time, Li Chen was given a salary of only three thousand yuan. Jiangbei still felt very easy and there was no longer a sense of cut meat. After all, this time, compared with pansong's unit, the list is relatively easy to do, with low development costs and high cost-effectiveness.

In this case, Jiangbei really experienced the feeling of being a boss. If it was not a large number, and the foreseeable prospects were not bad, it would be nice to send money to people!

Jiangbei signed a formal labor contract with Li Chen according to regulations, which can also reassure Li Chen and allow him to proceed with peace of mind.

However, behind the calm, there are secrets and crises hidden, Which is unexpected in Jiangbei.

A few days later, Li Chen said that he had something to deal with and asked Jiangbei if he could take two days off. Just in the past few days, there were not many things in the design of the webpage artist, so Jiangbei agreed.

In an ordinary afternoon, Jiangbei accidentally received a call from Hu laoer when he got off work, saying that he wanted to ask him to come out after work and meet him and sit down and talk.

Jiang Bei is puzzled. How can he be found by Hu Laer? He thought that he would not look for him if he was okay. He must have something to do with him. It is not a good thing to do anything.

After work, Jiangbei met Hu Laer in the compartment of a Chinese restaurant according to the agreed location. Unexpectedly, he saw Li Chen here.

Both Jiangbei and Hu laoer have a clear understanding of their enemies. Although we were once bosses and employees, we were already competitors and hostility, besides, at the beginning, Hu laoer opened an empty check for Jiang bei. Jiang BEI was persuaded by Hu laoer to retreat. Jiangbei had long been resentful to Hu laoer, and he had no feelings for each other.

On the surface, however, Jiangbei and Hu laoer had a good relationship with each other. After Hu laoer asked Jiangbei to sit down, he said, "Xiaojiang, oh, no, now I have to change my name to 'jiangzong! Jiang Zong ......"

"Hu is very polite. It is a name. Hu always calls me Xiaojiang !" Jiangbei entered a sentence from it.

"How can this problem be solved? I am still very clear about things. I am happy to be a young man !" Hu laoer said in a bit of a false sense.

"Jiang Zong, this time I found out that I want to talk to you. You must be wondering why Xiao Li is here. Let's have dinner first, I will tell you later." Hu laoer continued to speak slowly, and there were many articles in his speech.

Jiangbei had long felt strange when Li Chen appeared here, So Jiangbei also followed Hu's words and fixed his eyes and asked Li Chen, "Yes, Xiao Li, I am very strange, why are you here? Didn't you say you have to ask for leave? How did you get here ?"

When Li Chen saw Jiangbei staring at him and asked him, he immediately bowed his head and said, "No ...... No, yes ...... It's Hu's name ...... He called me here ...... He said there was ...... Something to do ...... You said ."

When listening to Li Chen's voice, Jiangbei felt that there must be something strange. However, since Hu laoer said that he would like to talk about it after dinner, Jiangbei is also welcome, then he should talk about it after dinner.

While eating, Jiangbei is thinking about what medicine is sold in the gourd? Which one did Hu Laer and Li Chen sing? Although Jiangbei hasn't guessed it yet, his intuition tells him that this is certainly not a good thing.

Soon, Jiangbei's intuition was fulfilled.

When he was eating almost, Hu gave a gesture to Li Chen to show him what to do. Like receiving commands, Li Chen took out his laptop in his seat next to him and put it in an empty position on the dining table.

Open, start, enter the password to enter the operating system, and so on. After a series of operations, Jiangbei can see the video on the computer screen. As a result, the content on the screen surprised Jiangbei University, which is totally beyond Jiangbei's imagination.

The figures shown in the video are not others, but Jiangbei himself. The shooting angle is facing Jiangbei. If Jiangbei is not mistaken, a pinhole camera was used for concealed shooting without knowledge of Jiangbei.

Jiangbei soon determined from the content in the picture that it was just Li Chen who stole the video because it was the scene when Jiangbei and Li Chen talked. One of the scenarios was when Jiangbei and Li Chen said that the company would not buy social security for the time being.

Li Chen played several more videos about Jiangbei's conversation with him, including the scene where Jiangbei and he signed the contract.

When most of my questions were raised in Jiangbei, Hu laoer smiled and said, "How, Jiang Zong? These videos are wonderful, right? There are many other things to watch later. If you want to watch them, you can watch them later ."

"Hu Zong, what do you mean ?" Jiangbei's face has already sunk.

"What do you mean? This is the evidence I want! Evidence that your company does not buy social security for employees and does not operate properly !" Hu said with an ugly smile.

"What do you want ?" Jiangbei asked coldly.

"What do you want? It is very easy. I have worked hard to arrange Xiao Li to go to your company to become an undercover. The only thing I want is to give up the list of Yan's school and give it to me, don't compete with me again!" Hu laoer finally revealed his true face.

"What if I don't agree ?" Jiangbei does not buy Hu Laer's account.

"If you don't agree? Then you will be waiting for your company to be ordered to be shut down! With this evidence, I will surely find a way to close your door! Don't believe it, please wait !" Hu's tone was strong and he seemed very confident.

After Mr. Hu said this, the doubts in Jiangbei's mind were basically solved. He did not expect Mr. Hu to play in the same way. It was a great fortune and a great fortune! However, when Li Chen came to his company to work as an undercover engineer, he did not even notice it during the whole implementation process, and he was too keen, too sophisticated, and too bad.

At this critical moment, will Jiangbei be intimidated by Hu laoer? Will this allow me to hand over the list to Hu laoer? Will Jiangbei completely have no countermeasures?

I want to know what to do later, and listen to the next decomposition, haha!

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