Chapter 2 Qi Gong, regardless of the preferences, manages the state of China with good Talents

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Everyone sang the song created by Guan Zhong, and soon entered the territory of Qi. If everyone was tired, Guan Zhong breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, he was worried that the Lu Zhuang public school would chase him, now it's safe and easy to think about the next thing.
Just a while ago, everyone was hungry and thirsty. Peng learned that this is the yi of Qi, so he ordered the ban of Yi (that is, the local magistrate) to provide drinking water and food, the Governor of this place is very clever and knows that Guan Zhong is a talented person, while Bao Shuya, Qi Gong's teacher, is his friend. Therefore, he believes that Guan Zhong will never be killed and reused, therefore, I decided to please Guan Zhong, not only taking out the best food, but also with a respectful attitude. I sat down in front of the prison car of Guan Zhong and fed him to eat. After dinner, the governor of this place thought that he was lucky to Guan Zhong, he quietly asked Guan Zhong, "How will you repay me if you have been spared in the country and have been reused by Guojun?" He did not think that Guan zhongunexpectedly said to him with disdain, "If I get reused, It is my talent that the monarch valued. This is my own credit. Why should I repay you? You invited me to have a meal today, and at most I will invite you back for a meal later ." The chief of the local police touched the nose and went there.
When a group of them arrived at tangfu (northwest of mengyin County, Shandong province today) in Qi, Bao Shuya had already waited in the Pavilion of tangfu. He was delighted to see Guan Zhong, who had no worries about his life, but when I saw my friend's future pillar of the country, my hands and feet were bundled, and my eyes were still masked, my heart felt so sad that the pawn quickly opened and unbound his rope, to let him out of his cell, a pair of old friends have a special taste at this time. But Guan Zhong stopped him and said, "I am a sinner of Qi. I have no command from the Monarch. Please do not solve it ." Bao Shuya said, "If there is no problem, Guojun has already forgiven you. I am here to greet you, which is what the Lord means ." Of course, Guan Zhong knows this, but this is just a form of face-to-face, or qi guochen will also say that this person is too real, so he continues to say, "I and the Convener served the Defender together, neither giving him the final throne, nor avoiding his death. As a minister, he is an out-of-band enemy. Instead, he served the defender, "If you suddenly know it, you will laugh at me." Bao Shuya comforted him and said, "Where did you go with this saying? People who make big achievements do not care about small shame. People who make great achievements do not care about small details. You have full of talent, but there is no time to display it. Our current ambition is ambitious. If you can get your assistance, you will be able to achieve the supremacy of the business, such a huge credit can shake the names of the countries, isn't it much more beneficial to keep a watch for a mediocre correction?"
Bao Shuya is actually talking about Guan zhong's heart. Guan Zhong is a practical + idealistic person. Even if he is not an ordinary white man, he only needs to give him a chance, he will continue to make plans for the same purpose. In guan zhong's world view, he will only serve the country. As for who is serving the country, this is not the most important thing, there is an unknown secret in his heart. His blood vessels are always filled with the blood of Ji's surname. He even uses Qi as a big platform, the idea of the Zhou Dynasty, surnamed Ji, is exactly the same as QI zhenggong, who is an idealistic overlord, in the Spring and Autumn stages, two people also played a wonderful big show. In the drama starring Qi Guo, Qi Gong and Guan Zhong were the protagonists, guan Zhong should be grateful to Qi Gong for giving him the opportunity to perform performances. At the same time, he should also be grateful to Bao Shuya for his full recommendation. Without Bao Shuya, he may not be able to survive this day.
After talking with Guan Zhong, Bao Shuya asked him to hold a disaster recovery ceremony for him. According to Qi Gong's instructions, the "three-bath" ceremony was carried out, namely, three times with spices coated and bathed, at that time, this was a highly popular etiquette. It is estimated that the climate in the Qi country was wet and precipitation was large, so it was not distressed to use so much. Guan Zhong experienced great hardships in his early years. After this bath, he washed away his bad luck. From then on, he had never encountered any difficulties in his early years, all the way to life to play Kaige, a successful life, This is not to mention here.
After Guan Zhong bathed and changed his clothes, he was accompanied by Bao Shuya and arrived at the capital of the United States. Unexpectedly, Jiang Xiaobai, Qi Guojun, made a special trip to greet him in the suburbs of linshu, this is not an ordinary courtesy. In fact, Qi did not just show it to Guan Zhong, but he also showed it to people in the world. Qi guozi, since Jiang Taigong, in terms of Talent Strategy, Qi has always adopted a system like "Zun xianshang Gong". The reason why Qi became a great power since its establishment has a great relationship with such a talent policy. Of course, although Qi zhenggong's "Zun xianshang Gong" is also a drag-and-drop talent, the Talent Selection is always selected by the nobles and ministers with outstanding abilities, qi zhenggong pushed this policy forward and expanded the selection scope to a more multi-level society. No matter what your background is, as long as you are alignment of the talents of the state-owned enterprises, it will always be important. At this point, Guan Zhong, who once became a civilian, has never been too prominent in his resume. This is a good example. Of course, then we will see from Qi's reuse of other talents who were originally from a small person that this is a wise and thirsty monarch.
Seeing Qi zhenggong greet him with such enthusiasm, Guan Zhong became more and more embarrassed. At that time, he thought about the other party's life and did not think of such a high hatred, instead, he was so enthusiastic to welcome him, so he put down his hat hats and hid them. He specially asked the hatchman to stand behind him. According to the etiquette at the time, in this way, he shows to the other party that he is a sinner and pleaded guilty to the other party. Qi zhenggong then ordered the man who took the ax to withdraw until the third command was executed, guan Zhongcai let down the axe-holding people to attract their sins. The methods to plead guilty in ancient China are really worth studying. For example, in the Warring States period a few hundred years later, General Zhao's Lian PO once carried a ticket to fight against each other, this is also a form of petition. Qi zhenggong took Guan zhong's hand and said, "You have lowered your coat and your coat. It is enough to thank you for your sin. Make some preparations, the widowed people are going to officially meet you at the temple and ask you many things."
Qi zhenggong's speech made Guan Zhong sigh. His previous judgment on Jiang Xiaobai seems to be correct today. This is indeed a powerful monarch, if you work under such a monarch, You can naturally use your ambitions and make a career.
In the south of the Main Hall of Qi Gong, Qi Gong likes the temple of Qi Guo, which honors the ancestor of Qi Guo and the monarch of the generations since the founding of Qi Guo, Jiang Taigong. A few months ago, gao Yu, the representatives of the two families of Qi Guo, and Zhu zhizhong, asked Jiang Xiaobai to worship the ancestor of the family, and then supported him to enter the throne of Qi Guojun. Now Qi zhenggong can summon Guan Zhong here, this is already the highest etiquette of Qi Guo, from three baths and three baths to welcoming them in the suburbs, and then meeting Qi's temple, qi zhenggong wants to tell Guan Zhong his attention and expectations in this way, and even the people in the world, that Qi Gong attaches importance to talents, you don't think that I will hate Guan Zhong if he tries to kill me. As long as he is alignment of State-owned talents, I will reuse them! Guan Zhong is naturally inspired by nothing, and is determined to devote all his efforts to the strength of Qi.
Qi zhenggong is a straightforward individual. Since his childhood, he has become a promising monarch, realizing the dream of hegemony. Therefore, he is always thinking about how to develop the economy of Qi, he expanded the power of Qi, but at that time he was just a monarch and did not have much political experience. In that dynasty, there was no ancient literature such as today for his reference, now there is a senior in hand, naturally, it is time to immediately ask Guan Zhong for the path to politics. This is the "Temple Chen moumou" in the history of Qi ".
In my personal understanding, Qi zhenggong was still unable to fully trust Guan Zhong until Chen moumou of the temple was over, previously, his full impression of Guan Zhong remained above Bao Shuya's strong admiration. As to whether Guan Zhong is a true talent in governing the country, he still needs an interview. Think about it too. If qi is compared to a large company, Qi zhenggong is the chairman of the board. He now needs an excellent general manager. Although Guan Zhong, who came to the interview, is very famous, his resume is poor, apart from his attempt to kill the chairman of the board, his personal work experience is even less worth mentioning. If he has worked in many small companies, all of them fail. Can such a person be a big man? His only advantage is that Jiang Xiaobai's teacher fully recommended him. Qi zhenggong, although skeptical about Guan zhong's ability, did not doubt his teacher's vision. He decided to give Guan Zhong such an opportunity, so we will see an interesting scene. In this classic interview in the Chinese history of Miao Tang Chen, Qi Gong is like a three-year-old child, one by one, he repeatedly asked Guan Zhong a question. It seems that he is a monarch without any knowledge. In fact, he also used this to learn how many real talents Guan Zhong has learned.
Qi zhenggong asked Guan Zhongdao, "when the first Jun xianggong was in service, he suffered financial losses by the masses, engaged in civil engineering projects, drinking alcohol to seek joy, keen on hunting and shooting by Tian, ignoring State administration, and not taking sages as one thing, looking down on ordinary taxi people, living in luxury, and seeking for war, but not paying much attention to military input, causing the soldiers in the army to suffer from hunger and freezing, the support of the soldiers is waiting for the remainder of the attendants to eat. Song and Dance and acrobatics artists are in front, while Dr. Xian is in the back. Therefore, the country cannot develop rapidly. I am really worried that our temple will not be cleaned, and there will be no sacrifices in the community. What should I do ?" Guan Zhong replied: "Our First Kings, Zhou Zhao, and Zhou mu follow the footsteps of wenwu to become their names. Let's gather elderly people with high morality and observe the good performance of the people. Prepare a table voucher in the format so that people can fill in the original form. Then, we recommend good people with rewards, and use penalty to correct the bad ones. Some cut off the top posts, some use rewards to appease and govern the people consistently ." Guan zhongju's example of Zhou Zhao Wang and Zhou mu Wang shows his own secrets. while he is in Qi, he does not forget that he is a descendant of Ji's surname, so we can see that some suggestions he proposed in the future are very beneficial to the Zhou royal family. Why do later generations think that Guan Zhong is the pioneer rather than the creator of the legalist? One of the major reasons is that Guan zhong's "rule of law" is not a pure idea of the rule of law, it is an idea between the rule of law and the rule of Rites. We can see from his passage that his idea of the rule of law is improved on the basis of the rule of rites, although this "rule of law" is far from enough, it was a great progress to propose a unified system standard to regulate people's behavior.
Qi zhenggong thinks that Guan zhong's attention is justified. However, only these actions can maintain a stable social order. More measures are needed to achieve the prosperity of the people in the Qi Dynasty, so he continued to ask Guan Zhongdao, "What should I do next?" Guan Zhong said: "In the past, the holy king governed the people. The country was divided into five parts, and the people were divided into four parts. In this way, the people can settle down and arrange their careers, this is used to govern the people's system. As the monarch of the nation, we must exercise 'Liu bing' in a prudent and strict manner so that the people can master and the people can govern."
From this passage, we can see Guan zhong's opinions on Qi's internal affairs. He is a pioneer of the legalist and is more pragmatic. Therefore, his answers are full of rational concepts such as numbers, to make it easier for everyone to understand and remember, we may consider its internal affairs proposition as "Three, five, and six projects": divide China into three parts, divide the country into five parts, and divide the people into four parts, for the king of the country, we must implement Liu Bing. How can we understand these measures? You may have doubts. At that time, Qi zhenggong was also in doubt. In particular, he heard about the word Liu Bing for the first time. So he asked, "What is Liu Bing ?" Qi zhenggong's biggest characteristic is that he is not ashamed to ask questions. Unlike many Chinese kings in the history of China, he is always self-righteous and empty-looking. He wants to answer questions about Guan zhong's technical authority, on the one hand, you can understand yourself, and on the other hand, you can also find out what the talents of Guan Zhong are. Guan Zhong said: "killing, producing, expensive, cheap, poor, rich, this is Liu Bing ." Liu Bing is also the six handle. The handle is a very important concept of authority for the legalists. Here we may wish to understand it as six kinds of privilege, which is a reward for being born, expensive, and rich, "Kill, cheap, and poor" is a penalty. Guan Zhong suggested that Qi zhenggong strictly implement the six-handle mechanism, instead of requiring him to not use the Six-stick mechanism, but strictly and cautiously implement it, in this way, we can strengthen the authority of the monarchy, which is a major breakthrough for the patriarchal regime in the early spring and autumn.
Qi zhenggong continued to ask, "How is China divided into three countries ?" Guan Zhong replied: "The country is divided into 21 townships: 6 in the hometown of commerce and industry, and 15 in the township of Shi and agriculture. You are in charge of eleven villages, five sub-generals, and five sub-Generals. The Three Kingdoms became the three armies. You also need to arrange the government officials of the Three Kingdoms: the market has three townships, the handicraft industry has three families, the lake has three risks, and the forest has three scales. Make sure the five are one rail with a long track length. There is a division in the ten tracks. A four-in-one connection. Ten people are connected to one township, and there are good people in the township. Five townships are named yishuai ." "What should I do if the country is divided into five ?" Guan Zhong replied: "five rail lines are determined to be long. Six rails for one Yi, Yi Si. Ten Yi is a pawn, and there is a long pawn. There were good people in the same village. Sanxiang is a genus with doctors. Five doctors are assigned to five families. Wu is obedient to his subordinates, while Wen is obedient to his hometown. He guarantees that he is not in charge of any waste ."
Gong asked: "Why divide the people into four industries ?" Guan Zhong replied: "in contemporary society, people are divided into four occupations: people, peasants, workers, and businessmen. They are the foundation of the country, because the language communication and work in all walks of life are very different, they should not be mixed up, so we can see that the holy king always arranges scholars to live in a quiet place, arrange farmers to live near the field, place the craftsman near the government, and place the merchant near the market. It facilitates exchanges and learning between people and creates a good atmosphere in which children of scholars can be deeply educated, continue to grow into the talent needed by the country. To enable farmers to live in a centralized manner, they can effectively arrange agricultural equipment to solve the problem that one cannot complete the work and improve labor efficiency. Farmers will actively work in the field, it is helpful for them to live in a concentrated manner to stabilize their thoughts and avoid thinking differently. Their children can easily learn the cultivation skills and become qualified farmers. Farmers are simple but not evil, so that they can cultivate land with peace of mind, and there is a lot of food in the country. Among them, excellent talents can be promoted to talents, which often become sages, we must respect farmers and love farmers. Place the craftsman in a centralized place so that they can view the timber and ore together, consider the market demand, and jointly identify the quality advantages and disadvantages. They talk about fortifications, display finished products, and competition skills at work, they can greatly improve their work efficiency. because they live in a concentrated place, their children will also be mentally stable and grow into qualified craftsmen without thinking differently. So that the business people can live in a centralized manner. They can jointly determine and observe the market demands at home and abroad, understand the changes in their local and foreign markets, and more accurately predict market prices. They can organize transportation together, gather all kinds of commodities to meet the market needs, and discuss profit, tell the buying and selling opportunities, and report price knowledge to each other, this benefits their children to become qualified businessmen. To develop Qi Guo, we must first do a good job in social stability, and divide people into four industries to live separately, which is conducive to social stability and then implement different policies for people in different industries, for example, for farmers, tax rental is levied differently based on the land, rather than encroaching on the farmer's agricultural work; the primary government is now in charge of new people, and should not give up the hero of the hero; for industries such as logging, fishing, and smelting, the country must have special policies to recuperate the people."
When asked about this, Qi zhenggong was deeply admired by Guan zhong's talents, and basically dispelled his last question about Guan Zhong. Obviously, Bao Shuya's recommendation was correct and he decided, we have prepared Dr. Li Guan to let him govern the country. The so-called "heroes in chaos and sages in the world" has been mentioned above, none of the rulers in the history of the Chinese nation have emerged independently. behind him, he must follow a powerful helper or an elite team, qi zhenggong has a team behind him. In this case, Guan Zhong is the leader of this team. He has seized the opportunity, just like a talented job seeker who has been hitting the wall, finally, at a suitable time, in a suitable place, I met a suitable company and boss, so I achieved a great success.

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