Chapter 2 Summary

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Service is one of the most striking reasons for developing applications on the Android platform. In this chapter, you learned how to use these invisible program components to perform operations when the application is hidden in the background.


You also learned about toast, which is a transient message box that can display information to users without stealing focus or interrupting workflow.


You also use icationicationmanager in services and activities to send alerts to users and send detailed event information through custom LEDs, vibration styles, and music files.


With alarm, you can set events or actions on the device in advance, broadcast actions or start activities or services through intent.


This chapter also demonstrates how:


The worker binds the service to the activity to use a more detailed and structured interface.


Worker ensures that the application remains responsive by moving time-consuming processes (such as network queries) to the worker thread.


Worker uses handler to use the same-step sub-thread and GUI main thread. when the operation is executed, it uses Visual controls and toast.


Producer creates continuous and ongoing notifications.


In Chapter 2, you will learn about the communication features of Android. By viewing Gtalk services, you will learn how to send and receive text and data information to transmit data between devices. Then, you will study the available SMS functions to send and receive SMS text and data information.

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