Chapter 3 knowledge of hoop buckets

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1. Liu Bei's Theory of Water Tank Leakage
Tao Qian, the boss of Xuzhou Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., appreciates Liu Bei very much. He believes that Liu Bei is a young man with a promising future, because he is very stupid and friendly to others. At the age of a year old, Tao Qian was tall and had no children at his knees. He talked to Liu Bei twice and hoped to entrust Xuzhou company to Liu Bei after a hundred years. This means that after several years, Liu Bei will be able to possess more than 1 million billion enterprise assets.
It may be surprising that someone else has changed. Liu Bei is different after all. He calmly said to his boss Tao Qian: "I think you should consider it carefully in two ways. In private, Xuzhou company embodies your life's painstaking efforts. As the heir, this burden is very heavy. I don't know whether I can afford it. Yu Gong is concerned with the personal interests of each employee. If the name is not correct, it may affect the stability of the business team ."
Tao Qian asked strangely: "I am the boss of the company. How can I choose the successor to affect the stability of the business team ?"
Liu Bei said: "as a form of social organization, a company has two types of ownership. One is nominal ownership. On the surface, this company is yours and you can handle it at will. One is actually ownership. From the perspective of employees, everyone is working in the company for personal interests and future. Therefore, it is a public organization. The more the company can respect the personal interests of its employees, the more they will have a Master's attitude; otherwise, they will leave with disappointment. The only correct way is to associate the personal interests and future of employees with the development of the company in order to own and maintain a high-performance team ."
"I can understand your words," said Tao Qian. You mean, I cannot be eccentric in any actions on company management, or do not have any eccentric performance. Otherwise, it may be private. From the historical experience of China, even though it is not a land of kings, any emperor is promoted by the public, and abolished by the private. Although I cannot compare myself with an Emperor, the truth is the same. However, I am old. Do you want me to remotely control the company's development in the future ?"
Liu Bei quickly defended: "I am very willing to inherit your career and realize your volunteers, and I do not have to go through the hardships I have accumulated, directly use the existing resources of Xuzhou company to do some business. I just don't want to see it, because some seemingly unfair approach affects the normal management of the company ."
Tao Qian asked, "What do you think I should do ?"
"I dare not tell you how to do this," said Liu Bei with sincerity. I just thought, the company is like a bucket-you must know the famous bucket Theory: How much water a bucket can hold depends on the shortest length of a wooden board, rather than the longest one-this metaphor seems to be a further extension. The amount of water a bucket can hold depends not only on the length of each board, it also depends on whether the combination of boards and boards is tight. If there is a large gap or gap between the Board and the Board, it cannot be filled with water. You may think that my comprehensive capabilities are excellent. However, the combat capability of a team depends not only on the ability of each member, but also on the collaboration and cooperation between members, in this way, a powerful whole can be formed in a balanced and closely integrated manner. I don't want to see it. For some reason, it turns the company into a leaking bucket ."
Tao Qian's eyes stuck on Liu Bei for a few minutes and then smiled: "Your new barrel theory-or drain bucket theory-really makes sense. If you want to do it, can you hold a bucket? I mean, how do you think we should build the company's team culture ?"
Liu Bei replied: "Only management science can create a high-performance team ."
Tao Qian asked with great interest: "Well, um, why do you say this ?"
Liu Bei explained: "the entrepreneurs who have made a difference today are all from the market. It is undeniable that they have business qualifications that exceed ordinary people, such as market sensitivity, courage and courage, and other personal advantages that depend on success. Therefore, they are used to believing in their own experiences and advantages, we do not believe or consciously reject management science."
Tao Qian said: "experience is a good thing. After all, 'old horse knows thout ."
Liu Bei said: "From the Perspective of management science, experience is indeed a good thing. However, effective management cannot stay on experience. We should also analyze and study the experience to discover the key factors of success or failure, and then turn it into a scientific code of conduct ."
Tao Qian said: "summing up the principles of doing things from experience is also a smart approach ."
Liu Bei said: "Why do we need to sum up these principles from experience? Nowadays, the market is changing with each passing day, and the streets and alleys that have been familiar with every step of the eye have been closed for many years. overnight, the 'old Mary' will become dizzy, and there is no way to correctly 'Find out '. Relying on the so-called experience, we can only make plausible judgments on the ever-changing market environment. A group of outstanding enterprises have suffered heavy losses. Isn't it an alarm for us ?"
Tao Qian smiled kindly and said, "Yes, I am an experienced man who is out of date. How can you use management science to create a high-performance team ?"
Liu Bei thought for a moment and said, "How to create a high-performance team is a system project. I need to prepare a report and submit it to you before five o'clock P.M. tomorrow, OK ?"
"Okay !" Tao Qian feels more and more fond of this steady young man.

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