Chapter 6 section 4: Nine obstacles to effective authorization

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4. Nine obstacles to achieving effective authorization
Liu Bei asked: "it seems difficult to authorize your voice ?"
"It should be said that the biggest obstacle to achieving effective authorization is the manager's own. It is indeed difficult to overcome these obstacles ."
Liu Bei said: "I understand what you mean. How can I overcome these obstacles to achieve effective authorization?
Chen Deng extracted a note from the drawer and said, "In conclusion, there are about nine obstacles. I put it on paper so that you can see it clearly ."
Obstacle 1: Do not trust employees
As a manager, you often pretend to be a trusted subordinate. However, many facts prove that you are not at ease. In specific work, you can't go to ask how your subordinates work, or even leave some key links to yourself. You have made a big question mark in your mind. Will your subordinates fulfill your responsibilities as you do?
Maybe there is a reason for your worries. Some employees cannot do as well as you expected. However, what is the purpose of blindly criticizing and complaining? If you doubt the employee's character, you should ask yourself if you didn't motivate them by trust. If you doubt the employee's ability to work, you should also ask yourself, do you have the necessary training or the opportunity to give them training? All in all, you should try again and again to find the cause of your failure, and then work with everyone to explore ways to improve your performance. It is as simple as this. With your trust, encouragement, and cultivation, your subordinates will eventually grow into a truly trustworthy person.
Obstacle 2: fear of losing control over tasks
Many managers are especially sensitive to authorization because they are afraid of losing control over tasks. Once you get out of control, the consequences may be unpredictable. Question: Do you have to put the task in your own hands? Can we use appropriate measures to prevent tasks from getting out of control?
As long as you maintain smooth communication and coordination, you can use measures such as the "Key Conference System", "written report system", and "Manager briefing" to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of information circulation, in the process of task completion, the possibility of losing control is actually very small. At the same time, when arranging tasks, you should try to clarify the problems, objectives, resources, and so on to the subordinates as much as possible, and also help to avoid tasks getting out of control.
In addition, managers and employees can easily disagree on the solution to the problem. Because you believe in your experience, you may even force your subordinates to execute your opinions, making them unwilling to take responsibility for the task. In fact, the key to the problem is not the method, but the result. You can grant full permissions to your subordinates for specific handling details. Maybe, in this process, your subordinates can create a solution that is more scientific and better than your experience!
Obstacle 3: overemphasize the importance of yourself in the organization
Because you are very competent, in many cases, you will have the illusion that "nothing has left me. Yes. You may be able to successfully complete many tasks, but you have to be as skillful as Sun Wukong.
In fact, your subordinates are the greatest wealth in your hands. They help you sell your products, help you negotiate with dealers, and help you communicate with consumers ...... In terms of specific business content and regular working procedures, some of them may even have more experience than you. Why don't you make good use of such good resources? Even for money, you should make full use of their capabilities.
Obstacle 4: think you can do better than others
Some managers would rather work so hard than give their work content to their subordinates. Why? They thought it would take several hours for the church to do it. If you do it yourself, you will do it in less than half an hour.
-If you have the spare time to teach them, you are better off doing it yourself.
The question is: have you always done everything yourself? Although you can do better than others by yourself, if you can teach your employees, you will find that others can do as well as you do, or even better. Today, you may have to delay several hours to teach them how to work, but in the future, they will save you dozens or hundreds of hours, so that you can have time to think more deeply, to facilitate your career development.
Obstacle 5: fear to weaken your position in the organization
This is one thing that many managers are very afraid of: If you assign your power to others, will it affect your importance to the Organization and weaken your position in the organization?
The answer is obviously no. If you enable your team to handle problems more actively and proactively, you can make full use of the team's strength to complete more tasks, faster and better, this gives you the opportunity to further consolidate or improve your position. You will get a more efficient team and focus on things that are worth your full attention.
Obstacle 6: I like to compete with my subordinates
As a manager, you often need to assume the role of "behind-the-scenes supporter and planner", and you will rarely have the opportunity to stand on the front desk to receive cheers from the audience as before. Therefore, Guan Yu is able to pass the five-way approach, and Zhang Fei is able to break the Overlord bridge, and you can only stand the loneliness behind the scenes alone. But you have never thought about it. It is because you can endure the loneliness that Guan Yu and Zhang Fei have the heroic feat of winning the championship.
Once there was a salesman who was very competent and had a strong sales promotion ability. He was named "golden salesman" for four years in the company ". Later, he became a regional sales manager and stepped onto a management position. Soon the conflict between him and his subordinates began. In order to win the title of "golden salesman", he not only could not actively provide help to his subordinates, but instead grabbed their tickets. As a result, his employees had to leave him and find another way out. Managers who like to compete with their subordinates will wait for him to be the tragic end of the rebellion.
Obstacle 7: Authorization reduces flexibility
For one thing, it is really helpful to grasp the flexibility of problem handling. However, the general manager of Sun Li wanji cannot do several things at the same time. If you force yourself to cover all aspects, it will be a little difficult.
However, by assigning specific jobs through authorization, you can take the overall situation into account at a higher level. The idea is often more flexible, at the same time, we have more time and energy to deal with the thorny problems and unexpected events.
Obstacle 8: fear of affecting employees' normal work
Maybe you think that employees cannot even do their current jobs. How can they take more responsibilities? At first glance, you seem to be a good manager, but no one will appreciate you. As the saying goes: "a strong player is a weak player ." If your employees are not competent, the problem may be yours.
In nature, the e will force their children to the cliff to force the timid e to learn to fly. You should also ask yourself, is it because of your "body shirt" that allows the company to raise a group of e that never have wings?
The loss of many outstanding employees is not because of your "compassion", but because you do not have enough opportunities to display your talents. They do not want to become unconcerned about their work. Like you, they are eager to accept challenges, face challenges, overcome challenges, and succeed. But if you don't authorize them, how can they achieve their ideals?
Obstacle 9: they do not understand the company's development plan
Why do they not understand the company's development plan? Because you didn't tell them, let alone win their deep acceptance.
Some managers deliberately make information management mysterious for some ridiculous purpose, so that they cannot transmit and share normal information in the company, even some important information does not tell employees. Maybe, he will think that only in this way can we establish the authority of managers and take the staff's noses away. In fact, this information is very important for employees to start their work smoothly, so his purpose is often successful.
However, if your employees cannot share the company's development plan, how do they care about the future of the company? The company's development prospects depend on the efforts of all people, especially those who are experts in its work field, and can pave the way for the company to achieve its vision goals. How can you separate them from the company's vision?
Finally, Chen Deng habitually summed up his remarks and said, "In the face of the increasingly fierce market competition, the increasing size of the company, and the increasing complexity of management activities, you must learn to authorize. Only in that way can you avoid troubles, And you can create a high-performance team to complete the company's production and operation tasks in a timely and effective manner ."
Liu Bei said: "I have been listening to your speech and won't be able to read ten years of books. I know what to do ."

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