Chapter I.

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The two major changes in the computer market have made the new architecture easier to succeed in business.

The first major change is that people almost no longer use assembly language for programming, which reduces the need for target code compatibility.

The second major change is the emergence of an independent and vendor-standardized operating system (UNIX,LINUX), which reduces the cost and risk of introducing new architectures.

RISC (simplified instruction set) architecture, when designing RISC computers, designers focus their energies on two key technologies,

That is, the development of instruction-level parallelism (initially through pipelining, later through multi-command launch) and cache usage.

Processor performance is improved from relying solely on instruction-level parallel instruction-level parallelism (ILP) to data-level parallel data-level parallelism (DLP) and thread-level parallel thread-level Parallelism (TLP). There will also be a request-level parallel request-level parallelism (RLP) later.

5 main categories of computing features

Personal mobile devices (Personal mobile device): Cost, energy, media performance, response rate

Desktop: Cost-effective, energy-efficient, graphics performance

Servers (server): throughput, availability, scalability, power consumption

Cluster/Warehouse-level calculator (Clusters/warehouse-scale computer): Cost performance, throughput, energy balance

Embedded (enbedded): The unique performance of price, energy consumption and application

Chapter I.

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