Chapter II ActionScript 3.0 learning to draw stars (mouse and keyboard events)

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Today I think it is more interesting to learn, so record it ... ~ ~ ~

The following paragraph is the code that paints the stars:

Package {Import Flash.display.shape;import Flash.display.gradienttype;public class Starshape extends Shape {public function Starshape (X:number = 5, Y:number = innerradius:number, Points:int =, = +, Outerradius:number =-angle): Number = 0, Color:uint = 0xff0000) {//x and Y are the starting point ~~var count = Math.Abs (points); (2, 0x85db18);// Start Fill color (color), if (Count > 2) {//init Varsvar step, Halfstep, start, N, DX, dy;//calculates the distance between two points step = (M Ath. PI * 2)/points;halfstep = step/2;//start angle start = (angle/180) * Math.pi; (x + (Math.Cos (start) * out)  Erradius), Y-(Math.sin (START) * Outerradius));//Draw The Edge for (n = 1; n <= count; n++) {dx = x + math.cos (start + (step *) of the star graph) N)-halfstep) * Innerradius;dy = Y-math.sin (start + (STEP * N)-halfstep) * Innerradius; (dx, dy); DX = x + math.cos (start + (step * N)) * Outerradius;dy = Y-math.sin (start + (step * N)) * Outerradius; to (dx, DY);}};}}} 

The following results are shown:

Mouse click and keyboard press event exercises (press the button is Alt,shift,ctrl, single or 22 combination, three together, click the mouse):

Package {Import Flash.display.sprite;import;import;import;import;import;import;import Flash.text.textfield;public class Samplesendandload extends Sprite {private var _ Result:textfield;public function Samplesendandload () {//Create a text box object, return to session after successful login Id_result = new TextField (); _ Result.autosize = "Left"; _result.wordwrap = True;_result.width = 300;addchild (_result);//login information, including user name and password var loginxml: XML = <login><username></username><password>actionscript 3</password>< /login>;var request:urlrequest = new URLRequest (""); Request.contenttype = "Text/xml"; = Loginxml.toxmlstring (); Request.method =;var Loader:URLLoader = new URLLoader (); Loader.addeventlistener (Event.complete, Completehandler); try {trace ("Loading ..."); Loader.load ( request);}catch (Error:argumenterror) {trace ("parameter Error");} catch (Error:securityerror) {Trace ("Security error occurred"); _result.text = "A security error occurred. \ n "+ Error;}} Private Function Completehandler (event:event): void {trace (; var resultxml:xml = new XML (; _result.text = [email protected];}}


Can test the above click Results Oh, Hee ~ ~ Beginner Notes!! Don't puke, Auntie.

Chapter II ActionScript 3.0 learning to draw stars (mouse and keyboard events)

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