Chapter II Reading Notes

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for Android development environments, because Android applications and Android NDK programs are required when testing Linux drivers, it is also important to build an Android development environment. Android bottom-up development requires tools such as JDK, Eclipse, ADT, CDT, and more.

First of all, the installation of the JDK, the first step is to download the installation of the compressed package, the second step is to unpack its compression package, the third step is to open the file and set environment variables in the Linux terminal Input command, open and save the profile file, enter the command overload profile under terminal. After opening the bin directory in the JDK directory, there will be some executable programs with the suffix named EXE, which are the tools that the JDK contains. By configuring the JDK's variable environment, we can implement calls to these tools and their commands.

For the Android application development environment, first install the Android SDK and Eclipse,adt. For installing the Android NDK development environment, first download the Android NDK, get a Android-ndk-r10d-windows-x86_64.exe installation file, get an extract folder, and also pay attention to configuring its integrated development environment.

Another important point is the installation of a cross-compilation environment, where the development program uses a cross-compiler when the instruction set under a different schema is used. The cross compiler and some other resources are collectively referred to as cross-compilation environments.

The configuration of the Android development environment is similar to the Linux environment under the Windows and Mac OSX systems. It is best to use Linux directly as a development platform for Android, which makes it easier to develop Linux drivers.

Chapter II Reading Notes

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