Chapter III gives advice to friends from scholars and Java training institutions (how to obtain study materials)

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The next two paragraphs are nonsense, please read when you are bored.

Self-study often have no door, many self-study people because there is no right direction, often wandering at the door for a long time and not into, and even go off the direction, this for personal growth is unfavorable, the enthusiasm for learning will also have setbacks.

Trainees often have the right path and are often the most effective way. But because of the teacher's package, the training is often the flower of the greenhouse, leaving the greenhouse becomes fragile. All the environment configuration, software version of the others are good, everything is smooth. But I don't even know why.

I think this is also the reason why many people linger in Chinese blogs, eager to get the experience of others, easy to understand ease of use experience, effective experience.

My university, software engineering major is the school-enterprise cooperation model, training institutions to US training three framework SSH technology. In the university, most of my knowledge comes from self-study, and also accepts the training process. So, the above summary, in fact, is my own personal experience, rather than make up.

I think, the entry of something, without my repetition, no matter how you stumble, you should now be on the path of programming, know some basic knowledge, know how to run a Hello world. I would like to introduce, when you start to learn new knowledge, in the absence of other people's help, how to collect information, collect what information.

Body Start:

The first important information of any open source software should be the official guide

Take Apache SOLR as an example and go to the official website and find out carefully what you will find:

"Tutorials" This is the tutorial

"Reference Guide" This is the official guidebook.

There will be words like "document".

Remember: The official guide is the software author's description of the software, and it is conceivable that this is the most reliable direct information. And such a guide, a software version will be issued a guide, is accompanied by the update. But often it is in English, how to do? You may not need to use it as a learning material, and when you are not able to understand or understand any other way, come back to this official original guide and use the translation tool, it will be your last guarantee.

Two, the official tutorial, API is the second important information.

The official tutorial is the above mentioned tutorials, on some websites, which may be called: Quick start, you know they are the same thing, the purpose is to let you quickly follow the simple example can begin to develop. Still English, but remember that many tutorials in Chinese are often translated according to the official tutorials. On the one hand, you can find the Chinese version, others translate well, this can let you learn quickly. On the other hand, you can come back and read the original tutorial to avoid being misled by others ' erroneous translations.

API is a lot of HTML page of that thing, we must have seen the JDK API, is a CHM file that thing. Here you can find all the packages, classes, methods and other introductions. This is also the case you do not see the source code, the most important way to understand the source code of the software.

If you really don't want to touch anything in English. Then perhaps the above two, although you agree but never to use. Here is something about Chinese.

Third, the book is always the most normative information.

Books in order to publish, often written in very detailed, the structure is very normative. If you are learning spring, it is better to search in the search Engine: "Spring PDF", you will find a lot of related books.

Note two points:

One, download as many of these books as you could, and filter them closer to the version of your software you use. If you use Spring3 and the book introduces Spring2, resolutely abandon.

Second, we search only to find the title, you should buy the original books to read. This book is not easy to write, and piracy is rampant, as a member of the knowledge industry, you should be responsible for the protection of intellectual property and a sense of mission.

If you really do not have the conditions to buy books, such as the book itself is no longer able to buy, this time, the choice of pirated PDFs is inevitable. Some authors also understand your compelling behavior, and you can contact the original author to express your appreciation.

Find e-books in the following ways: "Kingdoms" for example, search: Kingdoms PDF Download, you will see a lot of information. Choose the right way to achieve the goal is OK.

1. such as 51cto Web site, PDF is a member upload information, may want you to download coupons may also not.

2. Like the script house, this site can be downloaded directly.

3. Really do not go to the network disk search, a lot of things in the network can be searched, specifically not introduced.

Four, video tutorial is not very desirable

Video tutorials such as online video training, training institutions, instructional videos, etc., are similar to classrooms, but can be fast-forward. I would like to say that this is not a desirable approach in fact. Disadvantages are as follows:

1. Can not reach my previous article said, to the overall content of the chest, but only follow the teacher's thinking, the teacher's thinking rotten, you have to follow the rotten.

2. The teacher's lecture style is not necessarily suitable for you, the level is uneven.

3. Slow video progress, knowledge points can not jump, you fast forward may have skipped an important word, not to be able to listen to his ink for half a day is useless.

4. The video is too time-consuming, and reading is fast. After choosing a video tutorial, be sure to follow people's thinking carefully, the advantage is the teacher's example you can do.

Learning notes are different depending on people's ability to understand

Some people may have the emphasis on teaching in some training institutions, or something like key notes. These materials are highly refined, if the poor understanding of people, may be able to read, the above does not follow the following, relatively speaking, the book will be more detailed, not like the notes will sometimes miss the details.

Notes can only be accumulated, after you have mastered all the knowledge, take notes to chew, taste the place to taste a bit more.

Six, the quality of the blog is uneven.

Blog is a good source of Chinese learning, but its quality is uneven.

1. Some people are Daniel, may have opened a blog to introduce a specific technology, or in some blog open series of articles. This blog is of high quality, but it is relatively small, and, Daniel will not because the software update, the series re-write.

Note that some books are also adapted from Daniel's blog collection. Therefore, books are often excellent things, after all, the people's publishing house is also carefully selected, others do not want to lose money.

2. Some people are mavericks, have a certain idea and foundation, the same is learning from the beginning, but he learned better than you, and there are some unique things. This is how you read Alex's big Data tutorial before. Such a blog reading will make people feel the sense of companionship and intimacy, suitable for everyone to follow all the learning.

3. Some people are side dishes, have a strong passion. Side dishes solve a problem will be excitedly sent to the Internet, for everyone to share, sometimes it works. I think we have all tried to search the abnormal information, and then according to a blog change, and immediately close the page. This kind of side dish is our good friend, but at the same time also is the Internet knowledge redundant disorder initiator, because some people like to copy things, but also does not indicate the original text. This kind of blog must be identified.

Seven, finally to the source code

I think this part of us all have to frown, read the source code, is the ultimate step of learning. Learn the architecture and code of good work. This doesn't have to be self-enforcing, but I have to recommend that you develop good habits,

1. To the official website, find the appropriate version and download the jar package.

2. Download the source jar package.

3. After the jar package is configured into the project, the project source is attached to eclipse, the development of the time can be point to see the source code.

In a later tutorial, you'll also find out how to get the package you want. But not in today's category. Finally, we should remind you to learn English well and make good use of translation software. Do not refuse English, because you can not change the current English-speaking country IT technology leadership situation, good information is often in English.

Finally, I hope that we have a lot of comments, comments, enthusiastic discussion.

This article is here. I wish you all a happy!

Chapter III gives advice to friends from scholars and Java training institutions (how to obtain study materials)

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