Chapter two, understanding the Android Studio view and directory analysis, this is reproduced

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Original link: as there are altogether three views. Let's analyze the role of each view separately. A. Project view. (The White font directory/file is not concerned) the link in the picture Gralde Introduction: Http:// Use : Http:// file Description: Http://'s module recommends this. gitignore file

The Android project. Gitignore file recommended this write
 # Built application files *. apk*. AP_ # Files For the    Dalvik VM  *. Dex # Java  class   files  *.class # Generated files bin/Gen/  # Gradle files  . Gradle/Build/  # Local configuration file (SDK path, etc)  # Proguard folder genera Ted by Eclipse Proguard/ # Log Files *.log

 Two packages views the most important difference between the view and project is that it hides the configuration file, the properties file, and the system's own directory. Just show the current module list and module below the directory, file. Three Android views. The Andrid view is a new version of as a newly launched view. A lot of people are coming from the development of ecplise, accustomed to the project view. Using the Android view. It is found that there are many advantages to it. Because most of the catalogs, The files are labeled in detail in the first view. It's not in one by one. You can see that the first level directory under Android view is divided into two areas, one is the module list area, and the other is the Gradle script area. ModuleDirectory under three sub-directories, respectively, corresponding to the mainfests file, Java source code, RES Resource directory. In the figure, there are multiple directories and filenames that are the same. But there is an identity in the back. For example, Diesns.xml file has two, one behind (W820DP) It means that the Dimens value under this file will be referenced at least 820DP of the available width of the phone. Please refer to the link: 41891483 We are more concerned about how such files are built. As you've already said, all views of project are real directories. And in Android view, a large directory is not present, is automatically merged by the Android View together, easy to understand and decorate. eg : Switch to Project view, where the Android view of a dimens file in that directory automatically merges them together, indicating that the files are the same, but that they refer to files in different directories because of different devices. GradleThere are multiple Gradle files and properties files under the script directory. Look at the following hints, from top to bottom: Project space for the Gradle profile, the first module, and the second module configuration file. Gralde properties file, setting file, and the local SDK path properties file. These files are described in detail in project. There is no explanation here. the biggest benefit of adnroid view is to remove some files and directories that we don't care about. (Configuration, properties files, etc.) and some resource files, source files are clearly merged together. hiding some auto-generated files and directories (such as r files, etc.) allows us to manage the whole project/module more methods.

Chapter two, understanding the Android Studio view and directory analysis, this is reproduced

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