Chapter23: Software Installation rpm,srpm and Yum (1)-RPM Software Management Program: RPM

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RPM types of files will be associated with the software file where is the master? Still, where is the RPM database?

One. RPM Default installation path

After the software is installed, the relevant information is written to the database file in the/var/lib/rpm directory. The software version of the upgrade is also from the database, the query system data from the query.

So where do the files in the software go?

/etc Some settings where files are stored
/usr/bin Some executable files
/usr/lib Dynamic libraries used by some programs
/usr/share/doc Some manuals for software use
/usr/share/man Some mans page files

Two. Installation of RPM

RPM-IVH package_name

parameter is

I---the meaning of install

V---View detailed installation information

H---Display the installation progress in the installation Information Bar

Three. RPM Upgrades and updates

-UVH: If it is not, it will be installed.

-FVH: If the software is not installed in the original system, it will not be updated.

Four. RPM Query

The location of the query is/var/lib/rpm the database file in this directory. In addition, RPM can also query the information in the RPM files that are not installed.





(1) Find the file name of all files and directories in this software

Note where the files are located after installation

(2) Detailed information of the query software

(3) Query the software settings file (in/etc files only), and query the software's Help file (man file)

(4) Dependent software for querying software

(5) The file after the query is belong to the software

Five. RPM Offload (erase) and rebuild database

Unloading can only be done from the top down, where you can see that Pam (validation) is used by many software.

Due to the frequent installation of RPM files and so on, may result in the RPM database/var/lib/rpm file corruption, we can be rebuilt by the following command.

It looks like Root is the only line.

Chapter23: Software Installation rpm,srpm and Yum (1)-RPM Software Management Program: RPM

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