Character encoding in a computer

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Character encoding
    1. What is a computer code

      The computer can only process binary data, the other data will be converted, but the conversion must have a set of character encoding (is a character and the binary of a corresponding relationship). Commonly used characters: A-Z, 0-9, other symbols, etc., the computer can not be directly processed.

      (character encoding is similar to a translated dictionary)

    2. Commonly used computer codes (character sets, character encodings)

      ASCII encoding: American Standard code for Information interchange US Information interchange standards codes

      Uses 1 bytes (7-bit or 8-bit binary) to represent one character. For example: The letter A, in binary notation 01100001

    • ANSI code: Other countries in order to display their own language, ASCII code has been extended, adding the national language code.
    • ANSI encoding uses two bytes (16-bit binary) to represent a single character.
    • ANSI coding is directly related to the operating system, you install what operating system, then your ANSI code is the corresponding encoding .

For example: We install the Chinese operating system, corresponding to the default encoding GB2312.

    • GB2312 encoding: 6,763 commonly used Chinese characters and 682 full-width characters are encoded. GB2312 encoding uses two bytes to represent a Chinese character, so it can theoretically represent a maximum of 2^16=65536 characters.
    • GBK encoding: GB2312 is extended to display some rare Chinese characters.
    • BIG5 code: Traditional Chinese character encoding
    • JIS Code: Japanese text encoding


3. Coding Evolution Diagram

Character encoding in a computer

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