Character hiding methods in Excel

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Hide cell contents

Select the range of cells that you want to hide, right-click Select Format cells, select Custom in the category List of the Value tab, and enter a three-half-width semicolon in the type input box;;; (Figure 1), and then switch to the Protection tab, click to select the "Hide" option to make sure that the cell contents are hidden.

Click the menu "protect/Protect Sheet ..." and set the password-protected worksheet to completely hide the cell contents. To unhide the menu, click Protect/Unprotect Sheet first. Then select the numeric format from format cell, or select a range of cells Click Edit/clear/format to restore the display.

It is worth noting that cells that are protected from the worksheet cannot be modified. If you want to protect the contents of the cell after you have protected it, select the cells that you want to enter, right-click, select Format cells, click √ From the Protection tab, and then protect the worksheet settings. This hidden cell can be entered or modified, but the contents of the cell will be hidden.

Hidden ranks

Some special forms like "payroll", "personnel record" and so on may often need to hide in the worksheet before printing "grade", "date of birth", "Deduction fee standard" and so on, in the editing and display, so repeat switch is more troublesome. There is a simple way to quickly hide and display the specified ranks. To hide "C:d", "G", "J" as an example:

With the C:d column selected, click Data/Groups and outline/group on the menu, and the 1, 2 buttons for the rating appear on the worksheet (Figure 2). Repeat this step, select the G column, the J column to combine. Now you can hide the "c:d", "G", "J" columns by clicking the 1 button, and then restore the display by clicking the 2 button. The same is true for row settings, except that the 1, 2 buttons on the line are left.

Hidden rows or columns are selected at the same time as they are selected by dragging or pressing the SHIFT key, and when you copy and paste, you find that the hidden content is also copied. For this, you can select the area by dragging or pressing the SHIFT key, and then press ALT. Key, so that only visible cells are selected, not the rows or columns that are hidden.

Tip: A generic object or graphic will be hidden by default along with the row you're in, and if you don't want to hide the graphic at the same time, double-click the graphic to open the Format Picture window, and on the Properties tab, select the size, position fixed option.

Hide Worksheets

Click Tools/Macros/visual

Basic Editor, select the name of the worksheet that you want to hide on the left side of the pop-up window, such as "Sheet4", set the value of the "Visible" item to "2-xlsheetveryhidden" in the Properties window (Figure 3), if no Properties window can be displayed by F4. Then right click VBAProject (Xxxx.xls) to select VBAProject

Properties, select Lock Project when viewing on the Protection tab, and enter a password to save the document exit. When you want to expand VBAProject (Xxxx.xls) will pop up a request to enter a password dialog box, no password will not want to view or modify. A worksheet that is hidden with this method cannot be hidden by clicking Format/sheet/unhide, nor does it affect other worksheet operations.

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