Character string strings-related code in Chapter 11th of C ++ standard library: self-repair tutorials and Reference Manual

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Header files and namespaces involved:

#include <string>#include <cctype>#include <locale>#include <iostream>#include <iterator>#include <algorithm>using namespace std;
Int main (INT argc, char * argv []) {string filename, basename, extname, tmpname; const string suffix ("tmp"); For (INT I = 1; I <argc; I ++) {filename = argv [I]; string: size_type idx = filename. find ('. '); If (idx = string: NPOs) // {tmpname = filename +' is not found '. '+ suffix;} else {basename = filename. substr (0, idx); // basic name extname = filename. substr (idx + 1); // If (extname. empty () // The extension is null {tmpname = filename; tmpname + = suffix;} else if (extname = suffix) {tmpname = filename; tmpname. replace (idx + 1, extname. size (), "XXX"); // Replace the extension} else {tmpname = filename; tmpname. replace (idx + 1, string: NPOs, suffix) ;}} cout <FILENAME <"=>" <tmpname <Endl;} return 0 ;}
Int main (INT argc, char * argv []) {const string delims ("\ t ,.; "); // tab comma-ending semicolon string inline; while (Getline (CIN, inline) // wait for the input {string: size_type begidx, endidx; begidx = inline. find_first_not_of (delims); // search for the index of the first character of a word while (begidx! = String: NPOs) // check successful {endidx = inline. find_first_of (delims, begidx); // end position of the word if (endidx = string: NPOs) // {endidx = inline. length () ;}for (INT I = endidx-1; I >= static_cast <int> (begidx); -- I) // reverse output {cout <inline [I];} cout <''; begidx = inline. find_first_not_of (delims, endidx); // find the start position of the next word} cout <Endl;} return 0 ;}
Int main (INT argc, char * argv []) {string STR ("the zip code hondelage in Germany is 38108"); cout <"Original: "<STR <Endl; transform (Str. begin (), str. end (), str. begin (), tolower); cout <"lowercase:" <STR <Endl; transform (Str. begin (), str. end (), str. begin (), toupper); cout <"Capital:" <STR <Endl; return 0 ;}
Int main (INT argc, char * argv []) {const string Hello ("Hello, how are you? "); String S (hello. Begin (), hello. End (); string: iterator Pos; For (Pos = S. Begin (); pos! = S. end (); ++ POS) {cout <* Pos;} cout <Endl; reverse (S. begin (), S. end (); cout <"after reversal:" <S <Endl; sort (S. begin (), S. end (); cout <"after sorting:" <S <Endl; S. erase (unique (S. begin (), S. end (), S. end (); // Delete the cout <"deduplication:" <S <Endl; return 0 ;}
class BothWhiteSpaces{private: const locale& Loc;public: BothWhiteSpaces(const locale& l):Loc(l){} bool operator()(char Elem1,char Elem2) {  return isspace(Elem1,Loc) && isspace(Elem2,Loc); }};int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ string Contents; cin.unsetf(ios::skipws); unique_copy(istream_iterator<char>(cin),istream_iterator<char>(),back_inserter(Contents),BothWhiteSpaces(cin.getloc())); cout<<Contents; return 0;}
struct IgnoreTraits : public std::char_traits<char>{ static bool Equal(const char& C1,const char& C2) {  return std::toupper(C1) == std::toupper(C2); } static bool LessThan(const char& C1,const char& C2) {  return std::toupper(C1) < std::toupper(C2); } static int compare(const char* S1,const char* S2,std::size_t n) {  for(std::size_t i=0;i<n;i++)  {   if(!Equal(S1[i],S2[i]))    return LessThan(S1[i],S2[i]) ? -1 : 1;  }  return 0; } static const char* find(const char* S,std::size_t N,const char& C) {  for (std::size_t i=0;i<N;i++)  {   if(Equal(S[i],C))   {    return &(S[i]);   }  }  return 0; }};typedef std::basic_string<char,IgnoreTraits> iCString;inline std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream& Strm,const iCString& S){ return Strm<<std::string(,S.length());}int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ using std::cout; using std::endl; iCString S1("Hallo"); iCString S2("Ottoo"); iCString S3("HALLo"); cout<<std::boolalpha; cout<<S1<<" == "<<S2<<" : "<<(S1 == S2)<<endl; cout<<S1<<" == "<<S3<<" : "<<(S1 == S3)<<endl; iCString::size_type Index = S1.find("All"); if(Index != iCString::npos) {  cout<<"Index of \"All\" in : "<<Index<<endl; } else {  cout<<"\"All\" not found in \""<<S1<<"\""<< endl; } return 0;}

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