Characteristics of Cisco router configuration

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I. i0s process

The i0s process is a special software task that runs on a router and is used primarily to implement a function. When we configure i0s with the command-release profile, it is actually the same as controlling the behavior that makes up the 10S processes, all of which run concurrently on the router. The number and type of processes that can be run on one router depend on the speed of the router's CPU and the amount of RAM installed, which is similar to the number of programs running on the PC depending on the type of CPU and the amount of RAM available.

Second, start Cisco router configuration

The startup configuration resides in NVRAM and contains configuration commands that you want to execute when the router starts. After startup is complete, the commands in the boot configuration become run configurations, and sometimes the boot configuration is referred to as the backup configuration, because after modifying and endorsing the run configuration, the run configuration should normally be replicated to the NVRAM, and the changes made will be backed up so that the Cisco router configuration can be invoked the next time it starts.

Third, run Cisco router configuration

A router can only choose one of these two types. Configuring 10S is equivalent to changing the Cisco router configuration, both shown in ASCII text format, so we can easily read and operate.

Four, Cisco router's auxiliary port

Most Cisco routers are equipped with a secondary port (auxiliary port), similar to the console turbulence, providing a eia/tia-232 asynchronous serial connection that allows us to communicate with the router.

The secondary port is usually used to connect the modem to achieve remote management of the router, and the long-distance communication link is not usually used to transmit the usual routing packets, its main function is to access a router after the network path or loop fails.

The type of physical connection that the router establishes with the console port depends on the model of the router, and we have to consider the configuration files and processes in order to do the job of configuring the router thoroughly.

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