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Kun is very cute and enthusiastic. In the morning, I was holding an android book and configuring the eclipse development environment to write my first hello Android program. Kun ran and wanted to chat with me. When I saw several Android books on my desk, I talked about my views on the development prospects of Android, and your own views on the technical route. I am very inspired and grateful to this friend. I think back to my research over the past six months, and I was confused. My technical vision is getting narrower and narrower. I admire Kun's enthusiasm for technology, so he has a much clearer view of the outside than I do.

The conversation with kun gave me a bit of thought: first, it is a problem of technical vision. I always write business logic code and app code, which is of little significance. These things may be complicated at the beginning, but at a certain stage, it is a stage of drinking boiled water. Second, focus on the problem. This is what Kun wants to talk about. Of course, we have our own understanding of this.

This time, let's work.

Oh, by the way, learning technology doesn't make things messy and requires an epiphany.

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