Chatting with friends at entertainment venues like bars

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I said nothing, go back to your house. My family can not go back now, I did not cry, just fascinated eyes, she did not say anything, took me to his home, I again her room for a few days, the mood is good, I said, we go out to play, not too many people, we still go to the KTV or in that room, I remember I drank a lot of wine, Until the stomach pain, two days do not eat, fasting drink a lot of wine, they can not see, said don't drink, you look outside is who, I looked, or he? He shouted to me: "Leochi what do you want to do, so you still like the first I know the person who is not afraid of anything, but also like I like the happy person?"
I said: You like the Leochi is dead, she has been dead since that day, so you satisfied with it, happy, play enough, I hurt so tough enough? Are you happy when I'm dead? I was going to take the knife from the fruit plate when he said, "I'm sorry." Oh, really funny, a sorry can you? I want you to die, you die! He took a knife to himself, I grabbed in front of him, knife cut to my arm surface, he panicked, I said you roll, don't let me see you, this is even.
In fact, I do not know how much pain when I say this sentence, after a few days, his buddies to call me to see him, he has been drinking, in the read my name, I said what I do, find his girlfriend to go, hung up the phone, the phone card, QQ set the password, nothing let him can find me, Now by chance to hear his name will still be a shock, but there is no big relationship, we will not go back to the past, even if the most loved him.
Feelings are mutually reinforcing, mutual pay, mutual tolerance must change each other. A warm and beautiful family with each other's support. The simple truth is that it takes a lifetime of effort. Since the flowers and trees in order to modernisms the changes of the Four Seasons and spring germination, autumn wither; some small animals to protect themselves with the changes in the environment to change their skin color; to survive, some animals go through the cold long winter in hibernation. Nothing cannot be changed, as long as we are willing, and even if we do not, the world is changing every moment.
Every one of us is changing at the same time, but slowly we are unaware of it. Suddenly see a friend who has not been seen for many years, do you think his talk, temperament, character and even appearance have changed? It's not surprising that the environment changes people and makes some changes for the environment to be sensible. In a collective pursuit of the so-called personality, the only disadvantage is their own. We all understand these reasons, in the workplace are also as far as possible to adapt, to change, a colleague's criticism or suggestions, we often reflect on a few days. But in front of their dearest ones, we are often like the hedgehog that is pricked, always ready to resist. Especially in the marital life, this phenomenon is more prominent.

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Chatting with friends at entertainment venues like bars

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