Cheap for you reading-Mobile Access safety:beyond BYOD (i)

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Write on the front

recently, my brother is as passionate as a demon.BOYDof the attack and defense of resources exploration. At the beginning of the new Year, lunch was open yesterday noon (Dian) Wolf (LV) went to Shanghai library, through the keyword search, this would like to borrow another, the results of the hand slipped, the system from the library fell out of aDominique assing, byWILEYThe publication of theMobile Access safety:beyond BYOD", I looked at the book full of English is also drunk, although more heart plug, but always wayward I also want to spell once, accept the challenge, no felling happy.

Open the book at night and tell yourself to quietly make a book bag and read it while flipping through the dictionary. The first chapter, according to the traditional method of writing books by foreigners, introduces the hypothesis of sex and introduces the various related events that occur in a typical day. Since we are all holding the purpose of learning knowledge of China's small partners, Love to act as a high-cornered I will directly from the second chapter to the translation and review of the people. There is not in place, but also hope that everyone in time treatise and heated discussion. Let's read and delve into the position.

Chapter II threats and attacks

To help you understand, we have divided the threat into five broad levels:

  • < Span style= "font-family: ' The song Body '; > detection phase :

    ICMP scan operating system Information and Port scan login home etc

  • feature / authentication attack: A hacker uses a set of methods and tools to steal a device, a program, or a user's characteristic information, for use in an existing authentication mechanism.

    such as: ARP spoofing, Connection hijacking, IP spoofing, man in Themiddle, DNS spoofing, intrusion by rebound, Replay attack, Pass Word cracking

  • Confidential attacks: Hackers use a set of methods and tools to obtain information that is not readily available.

    such as: Spyware, Keylogger,adware, sniffing, Trojans, Cracking of encrypted data

  • Usability attacks: Hackers use a set of methods and tools to reduce the service performance of the target and even interrupt it.

    such as: ICMP Flood, Synflood, smurfing, Lock Flood, Worms

  • Software integrity attacks: Hackers use a set of methods and tools to intercept or change the normal function of a part of the software, so that it is useful for hackers to run.

    such as: Virus

    you may have noticed that the dangers that affect your computer can also affect smartphones, which are on the rise due to their small size and ease of loss and theft. According to statistics, every day in Paris, a smart phone is reported "lost". Moreover, because they have a plurality of wireless communication interface (Bluetooth, infrared,GPRS,UMTS is the 3G Mobile communication technology standard), so that hackers have multiple channels to attack.

    after the author with a number of "36 meters" in the words such as arouse, troubled waters, Jinchantuoqiao, nasty and so on to interpret the hacker's various attack means. I will not translate it verbatim here.

    Next time you will bring the author's "Detection phase" of the specific description.

Cheap for you reading-Mobile Access safety:beyond BYOD (i)

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