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An important report on the product meeting was deleted because of the misoperation, an unknown virus infection. The file opened overnight, the completion of the work of the document turned off, one day on the computer will warn about the loss of important documents, and then the stability of the system is hidden enough to destroy our carefully constructed security line of the time bomb, A small loophole can be a deadly weapon in the important documents we have painstakingly written. However, when a software can easily automatically backup, but also to complete the content recovery of the seemingly impossible task, then will feel more secure. Lattice of a key reduction, safe and easy to use four characteristics, give the computer a second life, so that the disappearance of the intact as before, everything can hold live.

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Feature one: 3 seconds backup 5 seconds restore

Lattice one-click Restore ( uses the Windows disk filtering driver and the MBR boot program to achieve multiple restore point disk restore software. Virtual restore technology, virtual restore data protection technology is actually very simple, but also to backup the data and then restore when needed. Just virtual restore data protection technology The data that is backed up is not data in the data area, but data from the primary boot sector, the operating system boot sector, the file allocation table, and the directory area. Because of the small amount of data in these sections, we can completely ignore the space occupied by the virtual restore data protection technology when saving the backed-up data. Again, because of the small amount of data in these sections, it takes only a few seconds for us to back up and recover the data.

Feature two: Friendly interface at any time love to change skin

New grid of a key restore, UI design combined with art and user experience, increased the skin function, the user can according to their own needs, replaced by different skin. Let the lattice follow your mood to change.

Feature three: 1000 restore points time to shuttle

Check it out. You can create up to 1000 restore points to enable the restore points to shuttle each other. Check the one-click Restore using the most advanced data map principle, you can create up to 1000 restore points. You can restore the point to a different time, today, yesterday, the day before you choose.

Feature four: Regular backup security is guaranteed

Set up the backup time according to your own needs, each day, week, month can choose. Daily work, we often worry about computer crashes data loss, now to the computer to install a key to restore data nanny, set up daily backup, so do not worry about data loss.

Lattice of a key reduction, so the characteristics of the force, it seems really "hold" live. Hurry to check out a key to restore the official website download it!

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