Check the 12306 verification code from high-end potty G18 in HSR

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1. Intro

The most recent crazy Spit slot 12306 website for the Masochism verification code.

From the consistent style of competes, this thing is just sesame green things. This incident is only because of the network, and caused the overwhelming majority of netizens unanimously condemned it.

Believing in a richer toilet experience, everyone is just spraying in the bathroom and ending it.

Now listen to me spray the toilet, haha! It looks like a heavy taste. Forget it, do the product, to dare to challenge authority.

2. Hook

This is the only place in the toilet where you can hang things.

Look at the size, about 1cm long, my coat has a convenient lanyard, full can hang on.

If you hang on like that, you're in a sad hurry.

3. Toilet paper Mat

The mark is that the paper mat on the toilet can be taken here.

Smart passenger, test you, where do you think you got it?

Six laps, can you get that inside?

No, look at this.

The original is to open this Panel and open a panel without any indication that the panel can be opened.

Don't worry, it's not over yet.

Shut the door and put the toilet paper to death.

4. Tissue box

If you clean the tissue box, can you find the paper towel with this marker? It looks like the yellow box is closer to the tissue box.

5. Hand Lotion and water

Reach out to the faucet and reach out to the hand wash liquid. Have you found where the hand sanitizer is?

Reach out, not out, reach out. Need technical male support, after 3 minutes of study, found the need to press the hand-wash mouth of the U-arm to come out.

6. Trash Cans

The lid of the dustbin needs to be pushed away, and it can be imagined that the toilet paper you used is so much harder to put it where it should be, and how embarrassing it is.

Who knows, how to properly handle the cushion change?

7. Flush Toilets

Click. Really is a creative, you can not use ordinary people to think about it, make a common use of the flushing method. "Click, time-lapse flushing." "Every time I pressed, I was thinking, in the end it was pressed, or did not press, until a few seconds later, the toilet has a ring, I can wait, I pressed."

8. Someone knocked at the door

There were two doors in the process, and I wondered. Did I not lock the door? After confirmation, it's really locked.

Internal department handles and locks.

The outside department handles the hands and the men.

A question, who knows now that there are no people inside? No,no BODY.

tag here. The door handle below, my family 3-year-old girl Flush's sight, 1 meters. Hollow 2*10 mm bar.

Is this contempt for people taller than one metre, or is our eyes too high?

9. People's Health squat toilet

Do not say. Two carriages have been found. Gave up.

10. Notices posted Anywhere

11. Let's have a few full-picture.

Check the 12306 verification code from high-end potty G18 in HSR

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