Check the storage engine type of MySQL Data Tables on Linux.

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Check the storage engine type of MySQL Data Tables on Linux.

Question: I want to know whether my MySQL database is of the MyISAM or Innodb type. How can I check the MySQL database table type?

MySQl mainly uses two storage engines:MyISAM and Innodb. MyISAM is non-transactional, so it can read faster. However, InnoDB fully supports fine-grained transaction locks such as commit/rollback ). When you create a new MySQL table, you need to select its type, that is, the storage engine ). If no option is selected, you will use the default engine with the pre-configured settings.

If you want to know the type of an existing MySQL DATA table, there are several methods to achieve this.

Method 1

If you can access phpMyAdmin, you can find the default database type from phpMyAdmin. Select a database from phpMyAdmin to view its table list. Under the "Type" column, you will see the data table Type of each table.

Method 2

If you can log on to the MySQL server directly, another method to identify the storage engine is to log on to the MySQL server and run the following MySQL command:

mysql>SELECT ENGINE FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA = 'my_database' AND TABLE_NAME = 'my_table';

The above command is displayed in 'myDatabase 'database's 'myThe engine type of the table.

Method 3

Another way to check the engine is to use mysqlshow, which is a tool for displaying database information under the command line. Mysqlshow is available in the MySQL client installation package. To use mysqlshow, you must provide the MySQL Server login creden.

The following command displays specific database information. In the "Engine" column, you can see the Engine used by each table.

$ mysqlshow -u 
 -p -i 


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