check_env function parsing

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is also a longer function, is used to check file permissions, directory conditions. The specific code is as follows:

Check_env () {    # Check user privilege.    #检查用户权限
    check_user root    hostname.
    #检查主机名是否符合规则    check_hostname    Dialog.
    #检查配置工具dialog是否存在    check_pkg ${bin_dialog} ${pkg_dialog}    "Checking Configuration file: ${iredmail_config_file} ... "    #判断配置文件是否存在, the default installation package is not available and should be used for installation after the outage is resumed.
    if  then        if grep ' ^ #EOF $ ' ${iredmail_config_file} >/dev/nullthen            echo'  [ FOUND]"            "useit for mail server setting? [y| N]"
            Read_setting ${auto_use_existing_config_file}
            #给用户一个选择, whether to use an existing configuration file or reinstall
             Case$ANSWERinchY|y) Echo_info"Use config file: ${iredmail_config_file} for mail server setting.". ${iredmail_config_file} # Check installation status. # After each component installation is completed, there # should be a variableinch${status_file}, e.g. # # Export Status_php_installation=' Done'# Export Status_php_configuration=' Done'                    #
                    #判断状态文件是否存在, read the state file if it exists
                                    if[-F ${status_file}]; ThenEcho_info"Import installation process status from file: ${status_file}.". ${status_file}Else                        Echo "'>${status_file}fi# Initialize Tipfile. if[!-f ${tip_file}]; Then                        Cat> ${tip_file} <<eof${conf_msg}eoffi                    ;; N|n|*) Echo_info"Skip configuration file: ${iredmail_config_file}.". ${config_via_dialog};; Esac        ElseEcho_info"Found, but not finished.". ${config_via_dialog}fi    ElseEcho_info"[not FOUND]". ${config_via_dialog}fiCheck_runtime_dir}

check_env function parsing

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