Chen Feng business network provides 30 m free ASP space service for you

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Chen Feng business network lightning you provide 30 m free ASP space service, support independent binding of top meters, space support HTML, ASP, FSO, ACCESS, etc., support FTP upload!

Their applications are as follows:

See: ForumID = 14
To apply for a free host for, follow these steps:

1. Register as a member of and (this forum) at the same time. Please fill in your registration information in; otherwise, you may not be able to apply.
2. our staff will review your topic reply application within 24 hours (basically less than 12 hours) during the corresponding time period of this forum, and you are recorded as 10 RMB in your account (some people are asking where the 10 RMB comes from ...... This is what we will give you for free. With this 10 yuan, you can successfully open your free VM on the professional IDC website of ), we provide an independent control panel for your free space: You only need to enter your host account and password to manage your free space. You can also log on to the Management Center of In the VM section, you can easily manage your free space. Original article from: China Free Network (
3. upload your website content within 15 days after the space is opened. Otherwise, we will delete your free space and provide it to more users. If you use your own domain name, please log on to the management center in time and fill in the filing information for your free space. If you do not have an ICP filing, go to to apply for an ICP filing. We will also delete free space that has not been filed for more than 20 days! Thank you for your understanding.
4. upload your website in time within 15 days after the space is opened, and make sure that the small advertisement "this site space is provided free of charge by Chen Feng business" is placed under your website and linked to, if our staff finds that you have not uploaded a website or placed any advertisement, your space will be deleted and a unified description will be provided in this forum.
5. If you do not want to wait for us to review and activate the service for you, you can use the online payment method, and you only need to pay 10.00 yuan to get the space right away. If you purchase a free space, you will be given an additional 20 M 2 user's enterprise post office.
6. Free Space does not provide telephone and QQ services. If you have any questions, please submit them on this forum. Our work will be answered in a timely manner.
7. This site can provide 10 m ms SQL database for free at the same time, need database users, Please contact by Email: application.

All matters are explained by Chen Feng's business.

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