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Basic message
Last name: Chen yuefeng Sex: Male
Date of birth: January 23, 1980 Home location: Zhengzhou City
Service Life: More than five years User Interface: Henan
Current annual salary: 8-10 thousand
Postal code: 450003
Mobile phone:  
Company phone number:  
Personal Homepage: Http://
I am confident, optimistic, studious, brave enough to accept challenges, and willing to learn new knowledge and technologies.
Job orientation
Nature of work: Full/part-time
Expected salary: Negotiable/month
Target functions: Senior Software Engineer, instructor/Ta
Work verified
2007/08 -- 2009/5: Zhengzhou huizhong puzzle
Industry: Education/Training
Teaching Department Mobile game development instructor
Teaches the j2's mobile games project and leads the students to complete the personal mobile games project.
2006/10 -- 2007/07: Nanjing huizhong puzzle Technology Co., Ltd.
Industry: Education/Training
Teaching Department Teaching Manager
Responsible for the teacher management of Nanjing direct center of game college
2005/05 -- 2006/09: Suzhou Tianzhi Education and Training Center
Industry: Education/Training
Teaching Department Senior trainer
He is engaged in the teaching of the mobile game design and development course of the game college.
2004/12 -- 2005/03: Shanghai tiansoft Software Technology Co., Ltd.
Industry: Computer Software
Agent Development Group Software Engineer
Development of the j2_client for mobile online games
2003/07 -- 2004/12: Shanghai East Software Park Co., Ltd.
Industry: Computer Software
Shanghai yanhuang Education Training Base Practical instructor
He is engaged in Java basics and Servlet/JSP technology training.

Note: Shanghai East Software Park Co., Ltd. and Shanghai top education company are affiliated companies. This change belongs to department adjustment.

2002/08 -- 2003/07: Shanghai top education Co., Ltd.
Industry: Education/Training
Skill Education Development Center Software Engineer
Technical Research and internal project development to train various students
Participated in the development of the real-time ticketing system. The technology used in this project is j2_servlet/JSP/+ oracle.
2002/03 -- 2002/08: Computer newspaper publishing department
Industry: Text media/publishing
Publication department Technical Editor
Responsible for book planning and post-production.
He is responsible for planning and publishing two books, Windows Troubleshooting 1000 cases and network management and maintenance masters.

Note: I will work in this company in the next semester of my senior year.

Items verified
2005/03 -- 2005/07: compilation of the book "New j2s' job training tutorial"
Project Description: The book has been published by China Power Publishing House. (Http:// ISBN = 7-5083-3875-8)
This book is a basic tutorial on the j2-based technology. It provides a comprehensive and detailed introduction to various technologies involved in the development of j2-based mobile phones and the use of integrated development tools such as JBuilder and eclipse.
Responsibility description: This book is entirely written by myself.
2004/12 -- 2005/03: Development of Mobile online game clients in the past of the age of the past
Software environment: Nokia developer's suite 2.2 for J2EE
Development tools: Jbuilderx
Project Description: The past and the future of the past is a turn-based online game on mobile phones. This project is implemented based on midp1.0 and currently implements s60 and s40 models for Nokia.
Responsibility description: This project is mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of game clients and the server stress testing module.
2003/03 -- 2003/07: Real-Time Ticketing System
Software environment: Tomcat4.04 + Oracle9i
Hardware environment: PC
Development tools: Codewarrior
Project Description: This project provides online ticket ordering, background ticket handling, user management, and other functions.
Technology used: midp1.0 + Servlet/JSP + JDBC + Oracle
This project is a combination of the C/S and B/S structures. Using midp1.0, you can order train tickets online on your mobile phone and connect to the server through HTTP. the B/S structure and the C/S structure use the same server.
Responsibility description: Participate in the development of some modules in the front-end of B/S
Complete server background module development
Independently develops clients based on the j2_based Technology
2001/07 -- 2001/10: an automatic online detection system for the thickness of a hichina Plate
Software environment: VB6 + Access
Hardware environment: General Industrial Computer
Development tools: VB6
Project Description: This project is part of the production automation project of Yunnan wange board materials factory. The contract amount is RMB 0.1 million, which is divided into software and hardware. The software department is divided into RMB 40 thousand. This project involves a large number of I/O operations and database operations. The system is complicated and completed by me in collaboration with Mi Xiuyi.
Responsibility description: In this project, I am mainly responsible for developing the database and report printing sections and implementing some algorithms. In practice, I have improved my database development capabilities.
Educational scriptures
1998/09 -- 2002/06 Chongqing University   Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and automation   Bachelor
Graduation Project: Multi-Function Test Platform Testing Software
Technology used: VB
Training experience
2005/05 -- 2005/05 Beijing huizhong puzzle Co., Ltd.   Mobile Game Design and Development   Senior Training Instructor
2002/04 Network programmer   Qualified
2001/04 National Computer Level 3   Pass
1999/06 CET-4   80
Language proficiency
English Proficient
It Technology
Skill name Proficiency Time used
Visual Basic Average October
Java Proficient 60 months

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