Chen Zong: Network 2.0 is very promising.

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Moderator: You first introduce your personal and team situation, as well as your this time to participate in the competition website.

Chen Zong: My name is Chen Zong, I am a technical born. I started to touch computers in 99 and now it's been eight years. During this period I worked in many network companies, also created a business, there is a small studio. November 2000 I entered the government department, now in the Land and Resources Bureau. Although I work in the government department, but the entrepreneurial heart has not cooled down, entrepreneurial passion is still, so I hope that through this contest can enter the Chinese entrepreneurial army. My project is China Network 2.0, is a personal integrated portal. You can enjoy the services of Network 2.0 by logging on to a website.

Moderator: You are now doing this site part-time, right?

Chen Zong: Yes.

Moderator: The nature of your work is the nature of the civil service, there is no conflict?

Chen Zong: No, I have more time now. And we now have a team, seven people are full-time to do the website, I mainly technical director, management, we specialize in someone to manage.

Moderator: I just heard you say that you have done other types of Web sites, what kind of? Why don't you do it now?

Chen Zong: Previously are done in the website, December 2002 into the Ningbo Far East Horizon Company work, 2003 in China, Ningbo Network internship. At that time is July, just as we Ningbo network with Ningbo Daily Group to do a first successful network Miss contest, I just sent to the Contest Organizing committee to help, because it is from the whole contest planning to the implementation of the whole project, I have been doing there, so there I learned a lot of things. Finally, we also invited the host of Anhui TV Li Bing when our host.

Moderator: We have also seen your site, but the feeling of opening with donews special like, you have this idea before you want to imitate?

Chen Zong: This is not, because is the network 2.0 of things, mainly looks refreshing, things to a glance, so that the audience looks very clear, very clear appearance. We are now information-centric, but we will develop in the future to Network 2.0 users as the center.

Moderator: What do you think of the future profit prospects?

Chen Zong: I think the Internet 2.0 things are still very promising, now for example, like blog network also has a network of 2.0 of things, also doing.

Moderator: On your site now some information, is extracted from other sites?

Chen Zong: Some are, some are created by the user. This 2.0 of the stuff is mostly from users.

Moderator: Because see you particularly young, in the internet there are some very senior predecessors, you think you and their advantage in where?

Chen Zong: With 70后, 60后 or have a lot of competitive advantage, now the entire site's development trend also to the younger generation of the younger generation are on par.

Moderator: What is your greatest achievement in this contest?

Chen Zong: I feel here to make a lot of friends, they are a circle of friends, our site is now the number of visits also went up, our site has also been promoted out.

Moderator: Today's interview is here, thank you for your acceptance of our interview.

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