Chengdu Preach Wisdom Podcast java/php Training high employment rate

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According to the data of the Intelligence podcast , the learners of the five-point podcast can find a comfortable job before graduation, and half of the students can find a comfortable job within one months after graduation, usually within two months after graduation, most of the students can find a comfortable job. And the work of the graduate students of the Wisdom Podcast is software development related work. Intelligence Podcast. Net Employment Office students engaged in an average salary of 5100 yuan for ASP, and the average salary for the development of Unity mobile games was 8000 yuan. The previous session. NET class students often make this exclamation when they find a job. "I thought I would use a different technology after work. The technology used in the original work project, the interview is the things we talked about in class. It is because our training courses cover the mainstream technology used in the work, so just be careful to follow the teacher to learn, after graduation can find a comfortable job.

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Chengdu Preach Wisdom Podcast java/php Training high employment rate

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