Chensongsong: Upload 100 videos per month, how to allocate, improve users ' continuous attention

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This is the first one I wrote. - Original Video Marketing articles

Chensongsong,6 years of practical experience in video marketing

Some people have a strong executive force!

Upload up to hundreds of videos a day!

The top of a man 10 of people!

But why a lot of people execute very strong,

But you don't get the results you want,

is because the method is not correct.

Today we will share a particularly important,

Is the question of uploading the video.

Although you have mastered the skill of video uploading,

But a lot of people overlook an important detail,

is to upload the number of video issues and upload video time issues.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose we upload one months 100 Videos,

Most people will basically pick a time,

after 1-2 days all the time, and then do other things.

They do this at the core:

Thought to have mastered the upload video method,

Once you've posted your video to a video site for the first time,

Can get a lot of accurate traffic,

You can save yourself a lot of time,

In fact, most videos will be gone in 35 days,

This is why many friends clearly use the correct video upload method and upload skills, but found not to achieve their intended purpose of the important reasons.

So what exactly should I do,

Not only can you get a good ranking of your videos,

can also improve the effect of video drainage,

and continue to gain the attention of potential precision customers?

The answer is simple: distribute distribution evenly


assuming you upload 10 videos in 1 days, you can distribute them evenly, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, according to such a few time periods, you can also send a 30 minutes, 1 hours to send one.

This way our target customers can see your video in which time period, can improve the user's attention to us, also can improve the effect of video drainage, and users watching our video is not so tired.

If you are going to upload 30 videos in 1 months, then you want to make the 30 videos to achieve the best results, such as ranking, such as the drainage effect, such as customer continuous attention, the 30 videos you will be released on average, a day to release a video, and may not be the first 7 days of user attention, But more than 7 days later, there will be a lot of target customers start to pay attention to you, the effect is your original effect of more than 5 times times.

This is a very simple app for distributing distributions on average.

What are the benefits of using an average distribution release rule?

first, continue to obtain the attention of target customers, the effect is 5 times times more than the original;

Second, you can get the video platform like, to recommend more accurate traffic;

Thirdly, the video effect increases at least 5 times times, avoids many unnecessary trouble;

So, Video marketing is not the most important one < Span style= "font-family: ' Microsoft Jas Black '; > sexual

But every day you are should be There's a new video , If you launch many videos at once , Even if these videos are different. , will bring us a lot of bad results.

So, when you're finished reading this post, you should think about whether you are distributing your videos according to the average distribution, if not, to correct, improve the effect of video marketing.

Share it here today.

About Video Marketing issues, I will record, the answer through the article share!

I am Chensongsong,6 years of video marketing operational experience, we continue to share tomorrow!

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Chensongsong: Upload 100 videos per month, how to allocate, improve users ' continuous attention

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