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I remember the company's old staff together, did a set of corporate culture albums, and recorded a video, which I also had the honor to talk about one of the topics.   Although these are deviations from the technical soft issues, but these many times for the company's long-term stability has played a big role.   The company later made the video into a 5-hour video, and when new employees entered the company, they went to the corporate server to download it, and to do some later intensive training and test reviews based on the content of the video. A few years ago, the understanding of the company's behavior, just stay in the understanding that the company put the wool out of the sheep in the principle of use, with our in-house instructors to achieve the new staff induction training. But then I realized that these new employees, after a systematic study of this kind of learning, obviously had a lot of improvement in the recognition of corporate culture and values.   and communication with human resources managers, the company's turnover rate has also been some lower. Among the contents of my training, the emphasis is on describing a job specification of a training company's staff organization. In this seemingly jerky dogma, it breeds a deep understanding of each employee's position. In the course of my explanation, I have highlighted a number of key elements, and explained the understanding of the differences easily.   For example, a definition of a qualified employee, in the interpretation process can be said: "In this team, a qualified staff working hours from 8:45 to 5:30 P.M. every day, can be on time to work, at any time in any case can complete the task on time, and have a hard work attitude."   The article is limited and does not fully present the full range of topics, but for new employees, there is a particular concern that must be found in the team as early as possible a part of the employees complaining. When new employees join a team, the people who complain are the happiest. Because they have the target of vent, and new staff in the new environment also want to listen to the company's story more.   The two clicked, mutual influence process, will eventually lead to the company's recessive pathological culture spread, finally assimilated together, morale will be very difficult to improve. So our training topics are positive side, some of our words are new staff escort self-defense weapons, until the new people are completely accustomed to the work environment.

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