Cherish those who know you

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To find true love, you need to find someone who understands you. This person may not be perfect.

But because he understands you, you think that he is perfect.

What is it ?!

When you encounter setbacks, he does not say anything that damages your dignity.

When you are eager to use things, he will never let you in, but will explain it to you.

When you are in a bad mood, he will never make a big noise with your general knowledge.

He is also confident in you when you meet each other for a long time.

When you are happy, he will also be happy and will tell you.

When you are upset, he is also upset but won't tell you easily.

Understanding, understanding, understanding, and love!

It may be difficult to find someone who understands you. You must have confidence in the corrections.

Find a person who understands you and want to be a person who understands him.

Smart people like to guess, even though they have guessed it right each time, they lose their hearts.

Silly people like to give their hearts, although every time they get laughed, they get others' hearts.

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