China determines the application of information technology transformation to promote the focus of traditional industries

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The State Economic and Trade Commission recently proposed coal, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power, steel, non-ferrous metals, machinery, ships, light industry, textiles, medicine, construction, building materials, transportation during the 15th Five-Year Plan. promote the application of information technology transformation in industries such as railways, postal services, and trade circulation to enhance the focus of traditional industries:

I. Coal Industry

1. comprehensive mine information network system; 2. key technologies and equipment for face automation; 3. integrated Automatic Monitoring System for Mine Safety Production; 4. information technology of coal transportation and marketing systems; 5. automatic Measurement and Control Technology for Coal Washing and processing; 6. national Coal Mine Safety Production information management technology.

Ii. Petroleum Industry

1. establish and improve the network management system of petroleum and petrochemical enterprises to promote business process standardization, Enterprise Management networking, electronic business operations, and scientific decision-making support; 2. the Distributed Control System (DCS), Computer Monitoring System (SCADA), and Field Bus (FB) are widely used in the process of oil and gas production and refining and chemical engineering) production Control System and Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS ).

Iii. Petrochemical Industry

1. implement the Enterprise Resource Planning system, build a network system for sales of petrochemical products, and promote e-commerce of material procurement and supply and sales of petrochemical products; 2. popularize and implement the CIMS project and advanced control technology (APC) to implement DCS or Fieldbus Control (FCS ).

Iv. Chemical Industry

1. research and development and promotion of optimization control technology and online detection technology in the production process; 2. application of CIMS in the chemical process industry; 3. promote and implement the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; 4. establish professional information networks in fertilizer, pesticide, paint, dyes, synthetic materials and other industries; 5. develop e-commerce, support intermediary networks meeting the characteristics of the chemical industry, and carry out domestic and international e-commerce activities.

V. Power Industry

1. establish an efficient communication and transmission information management platform and Power Trunk Network; 2. power Plant Monitoring and Management Information System; 3. automatic Monitoring and monitoring system for hydropower stations; 4. integrated Substation Automation technology and equipment; 5. the open energy management system (EMS) for large-scale power grids is used to study the next-generation Power Grid Scheduling Automation System for nationwide networking and power market. 6. information technology for underground chambers and dam safety monitoring.

Vi. Steel Industry

1. support localized research and industrial construction of new generation of basic automation equipment, such as field bus and Ethernet-based control system, to improve the level of basic automation; 2. research and Development of Intelligent technology, iron and steel production processes and the entire process of intelligent control system, Process Automation Engineering software development tools and engineering platforms and other technologies, strengthen the research on Industrialization of intelligent complete sets of process equipment in process automation; 3. promote the application of enterprise office automation systems and management information system technologies, promote the application of the Internet, and carry out e-commerce and other businesses.

VII. Nonferrous Metals Industry

1. digitalization, visualization, networking, and intelligence of mineral resources; 2. integrated Optimization Control of Continuous Production Process Monitoring System, communication technology and continuous production process; 3. innovative application of instrumentation in harsh non-ferrous metal production environments; 4. enterprise E-commerce system and Comprehensive Optimization Control System Construction; 5. "Golden engineering" information network system construction.

8. Machinery Industry

1. apply advanced production models and management technologies to promote the optimization, reorganization, and scientific management of enterprise business processes; 2. develop and apply virtual manufacturing technology and parallel engineering technology to improve functional levels, intelligence, and digitization of mechanical products; 3. application of Integrated Automation technology to improve the flexibility and automation level of the production process; 4. apply the enterprise resource plan to integrate and share internal enterprise information. 5. the Development and Application of Networked Manufacturing promote information exchange between enterprises and optimal configuration of manufacturing resources.

9. Shipbuilding Industry

1. shipbuilding Industry e-commerce platform, shipbuilding computer-aided procurement and logistics support system; 2. information Management System Technology of shipbuilding enterprises and Information System of shipbuilding resources; 3. research and Application of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS) in shipbuilding.

10. Light Industry

1. key applications of computer aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in light industry machinery, household appliances, lighting appliances, household machinery, plastic products, furniture, Arts and Crafts) computer aided detection (CAT), flexible manufacturing system (FMS), Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS), computer control system in the production process, numerical control technology, optical and mechanical integration technology and e-commerce technology; 2. the development of special equipment and computer control devices, special instruments and Sensors for optical and mechanical Integration Technology in the food, paper, leather, plastic, detergent and other industries; 3. continuous Production of computer process control systems in papermaking, sugar, salt making, fermentation, Daily Chemical Industry (detergents, flavors and spices) and other industries; 4. promote the application of computer control systems on kiln equipment in the glass and ceramic industries.

11. Textile Industry

1. promote the use of Textile Machinery CAD/CAM and textile specialized CAD/CAM, including the clothing system, printing color separation plate system, fabric organization system, Knitting System and dyeing color system, strengthen integrated development of CAD systems; 2. promote and implement the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, factory production monitoring and management system, process data management system and production process control system, and gradually implement e-commerce; 3. accelerate the construction of China Textile electronic information network system, China clothing information network and network regional centers; 4. develop and apply an automation system for Garment integration, design and development of new textile products, and an innovative design system.

12. Pharmaceutical Industry

1. vigorously promote the application of digital libraries and provide comprehensive information support for new product development; 2. accelerate Enterprise Network Construction, realize informatization of all-round enterprise operation and management, and steadily promote pharmaceutical e-commerce; 3. gradually implement online computer control of pharmaceutical production processes, especially fermentation engineering, chemical pharmaceutical, and traditional Chinese medicine production, to increase productivity and reduce consumption.

13. Construction Industry

1. information networks, websites, and database application software; 2. construct basic urban planning information database and complete "urban planning, construction, management and digital engineering"; 3. public utilities in cities such as water supply, gas supply, and heating promote computer-aided scheduling and monitoring systems; 4. the survey and design industry should establish database information networks, design information management systems and networks, and collaborative design systems; 5. standard full-text retrieval system, enterprise quota database, engineering cost data database, Engineering Bidding Quotation application software and engineering cost software.

14. building materials industry

1. automatic Monitoring of thermal kiln and Combustion System Optimization Control Technology for cement, float glass, building sanitary ceramics and wall material products, including thermal raw materials (air) component detection technology, expert control system software packages, Information Technology, simulation technology, etc.; 2. information Management System for the whole process of automatic raw material batching technology, product production and sales; 3. digital Imaging, microcomputer drawing, laser plate making, and other application technologies in decorative decoration materials; 4. on-line defect detection and intelligent automatic Slicing System for Float Glass.

15. Transportation Industry

1. administrative Department Office business management system government affairs information system; 2. intelligent highway transportation system for highway operation and management in China; 3. smart Port Management System, waterway Cargo logistics and information service waterway transportation information network system; 4. research and Application of logistics and e-commerce, and carry out the logistics system demonstration project for the supply chain.

16. Railway Industry

1. Railway Transportation Management System and transportation scheduling Command Information System; 2. Security Detection Technology and security monitoring network system.

17. postal industry

1. china Post integrated computer network, traditional postal business production and management systems such as newspapers, express delivery, international, confidential, branch offices, central bureaus, postal parcels, and postage products; 2. database of name and address information serving the society; 3. postal Customer Resource Management (CRM) application system; 4. postal e-commerce platform; 5. postal logistics information management system; 6. postal Video Conferencing System, IP telephone system, and remote teaching system; 7. hybrid mail and secure mail systems; 8. postal Finance Network Secure Transaction technology and application platform.

18. Commerce and Circulation Industry

1. information Management System between Headquarters, branches, and distribution centers of Chain Enterprises; 2. information management systems of various logistics distribution centers and Logistics Distribution Enterprises; 3. develop e-commerce, conduct online trade, and establish relevant e-commerce platforms; 4. information System for important commodity reserve management; 5. real-time reporting system for transaction volumes and prices of key wholesale markets and key wholesale enterprises; 6. key Product Sales Information Acquisition System for Large Retail Enterprises; 7. the enterprise resource plan (ERP) is used to integrate and share internal information of the enterprise and improve the management level of circulation enterprises. supply chain system, user management system, information base and value-added market information service system, circulation Information Standardization System

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