China Telecom's sky-wing broadband How to use "China Telecom wireless Broadband" client

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China Telecom's sky-wing broadband how to use " China Telecom Wireless Broadband " Client, dial the Internet directly via normal dialing?

After installing the sky-wing client software, the network connection will automatically establish a dial-up connection called "Usb-key DIAL", but double-click the connection is not directly connected to the Internet, prompting the dialing for a period of time will prompt the connection timeout, such as:

But we want to use it in the voting software to dial the vote, how to do? After a network search, finally found a solution, the specific settings are as follows:

First, find the name of the dial-up account.

    • To "control Panel" → "Performance and Maintenance"
    • → "Administrative Tools"
    • → "Event Viewer" → "system" → find
    • RemoteAccess
    • "Message, you can see the normal account name (
    • [Email protected]
    • Such as:

    • To the "control Panel" → "performance and Maintenance" → "Administrative Tools" → "Event Viewer" → "system" → find "remoteaccess" information, you can see the normal account name ([email protected]), such as:

    • Baidu Search Find the user name, you can get the dialed phone number and password (#777,, such as:

    • Use the resulting phone number to set up a dial-up connection (Usb-key DIAL), as shown in the following illustration:

      Network connection inside, right click Usb-key DIAL, enter the property, the general inside set the phone number is #777, check the link after the display icon in the notification area.

      Click on the option, tick the link display connection progress and prompt name, password and certificate, etc., the redial number is set to 99, the redial interval is set to 5 seconds, the other does not set, click OK.

    • Click Dial-up connection, fill in the user name and password, dial, such as:

      Dial success.

    • After successful dialing, set the Usb-key dial property so that it can dial automatically, not each time the User Name Password window, set such as:

      Network connection inside, right click Usb-key DIAL, enter the properties → options, remove the "hint name, password and certificate, etc." before the tick, click OK.

    • Finally, don't forget to set the Usb-key dial as the default dial-up connection, such as:

      A small black tick on the dial-up connection indicates the default dial-up connection.

    • Open the voting software, select Dial-up, you can use the normal.

Well, after the above settings, the sky-wing broadband can be like normal dialing the same line dialing for IP to vote.

If it is not the sky-wing wireless broadband, should be similar to the settings, please try more, do not understand Baidu search for a bit.

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