China Life Insurance builds China's first Silverlight enterprise-level application

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Currently, China Life has developed the first Silverlight enterprise-level pension actuarial consulting system based on Silverlight 3. As China's largest commercial insurance group and Fortune 500 global company, China Life's case is representative.

Microsoft's Silverlight 3 supports more video and audio encoding standards, supports running Silverlight applications outside the browser, and greatly improves the performance of graphics. It is worth mentioning that expression blend 3 provides the ability to import these files to attract designers using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Designers can freely view and import Photoshop files layer by layer. These file layers can be easily combined, and all elements are retained in their original formats, such as layer, layer location, editable text, and vector, and keep editable in expression blend 3.

According to the Information Department Director of China Life Insurance, Silverlight 3 provides a richer user experience in enterprise-level applications, enhancing the friendliness, ease-of-use, and advanced development of the company's application system, it combines customer friendliness with specialized technologies. "Unlike what many people understand, this time we use Silverlight not the result of Microsoft's sales promotion, but we first find Microsoft. We compared the technology used in advance, including the Adobe Flash Platform. The investigation found that flash does not have good back-end language support, while Silverlight has a. NET platform. In addition, enterprise-level applications are very concerned with the Association of front-end and back-end technologies, and the technologies that need to be used are continuous, that is, continuous generation, to prevent acquisitions like Borland and Bea. Based on these reasons, we chose Silverlight ." "We hope to provide users with dazzling applications through Silverlight controls and themes, so as to name the rigid image of state-owned enterprises ." Silverlight 3 provides good support for data filtering and matching, search, and paging in the pension actuarial consulting system.

In addition to the enterprise-level applications of China Life, Sina finance and Sohu entertainment have demonstrated their own Silverlight-based applications to the outside world: Sina A-share market silver version and Sohu HD film and TV series.

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