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March 1 Chinese search suddenly online, its predecessor is said to be Instant Search and Pangu search element, that is to say, the two search engines have been quietly merged. Similar to the video industry, search engines have ushered in mergers and acquisitions, the new Chinese search is known as the "vertical search", there are many vertical channels in Chinese search, the current development of local, international, sports, real estate, automobiles, shopping and so on. For example, into the shopping channel, and then you can see a similar Taobao Customer shopping guide site, select products, payment will jump to shop 1th, Jingdong Mall and other electrical business site, but the author only found no jump to Taobao. It is estimated that Chinese search did not cooperate with Taobao, of course, this is the author's guess.

The author is a webmaster, all day with Baidu to deal with, of course, also have to take into account from  of the flow of search, in my opinion, the Chinese search is more like a very large "shopping guide site." The results of its search user experience is poor, but the Chinese search is only just online, from the search engine technology level to analyze, the Chinese search technology is not estimated search. But China's online search, as well as the pattern of domestic search engines, may change, if  of searches are working with other search engines that share less market. Believe that time to the threat of Baidu is even greater, can say the truth, search is also not in plagiarism, collect Baidu data?

  Question one: Will Chinese search become the next  search?

Understandable  search is a dark horse, in a short period of time occupy the domestic search engine market second place. What are the main factors in the success of the search? First, with the help of browsers and  anti-virus software, is basically a rogue binding software. Second, disguised as the appearance of Baidu, in fact, many small white netizens did not find this is comprehensive search, but also thought it was Baidu. Search in order to quickly occupy a large number of Internet users personal pc, so that Baidu caught off guard, so Baidu through technical means to prohibit crawl Baidu information, there is to make their own home page difference in search. Chinese search can not be compared with,in the short term will certainly not threaten Baidu and, I guess Chinese search will not be a dark horse, will not become the next search.

  Question two: Why does the vertical search become the Electric Dealer's shopping guide website?

The current Chinese search, the individual thought is not like a search engine, more like an electric shopping guide website, its search experience is still very poor, to be slowly improved. However, the user may be interested in those channels, through these channels can choose goods and services, and frankly is the Electronic Business site Shopping Guide. should be similar to Taobao customers, get orders from the commission, which makes me feel a bit awkward, Chinese search is like a shopping guide website and search engine of the fit version. What makes people feel new is that Chinese search has a "newspaper" section, through which we can see the electronic version of the newspaper information throughout the country. In the demise of traditional paper media today, such a way seems to improve the user's interest in reading the newspaper, rather than simply browsing the Web portal news information.

Question three: How should domestic search engine develop healthily?

The essence of the search engine is to provide users with valuable information, that is, the search results must be users want, but the search engine can only be based on user input keywords to judge, which is very difficult for the program. So the search engine health development is the most important technology, not business model, because only users use you, then you have meaning. For example: Google's technology is the most mature, Baidu will often follow with Google's algorithm footsteps, and constantly improve their search experience. Now  of the search experience is not good, plus users have been accustomed to using Baidu, unless the search to do than Baidu more in line with the user experience, or it is difficult to get more users of the heart. The domestic search engine must take the user as the core, as for the commercial profit may have to wait for the number of users enough, therefore the Chinese search road is still very long.

From a webmaster's point of view, we certainly hope that the domestic search engine can "blossom", so that will not form a single big situation, but at that time to serve more search boss. I am afraid it is not so easy to do it, well, the author is so much to pull.

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