[China Telecom value-added business Study Notes] 10 value-added business based on business nodes provides technology

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1. Concept of business nodes:

Intelligent Network has the following problems:

  • The switch must be upgraded to support SSP and INAP;
  • SCP system has a high technical threshold and high cost;
  • Intelligent Network-based business development has a high technical threshold;
  • Only basic voice resource functions, lack of flexible processing capabilities for voice content;
  • Weak support for custom services makes it difficult to introduce services based on specific business needs.

Business and call in business nodes are not separated. Value-added services are provided through signaling and voice digital relay connections with vswitches. Call Control uses the ISUP protocol. You can connect a business node to a vswitch to provide value-added services.



2. Business Processing Mechanism

The business node contains the logical entities of SCF, SDF, SRF, and SSF/CCF;

The business and call in the business node are not separated and can process the business logic and user data information, call signaling, and voice bearer;

The business node is connected to the board switch, which has both a signaling link and a connection;

The switch analyzes the number based on the access code and routes the call to the corresponding service node.


  • The business control function (SCF) is responsible for business control and execution, and the implementation of a business is completed by collaboration between the SCF and SSF;
  • The service data function (SDF) provides business data for SCF;
  • The service exchange function SSF and call control function CCF control the call according to the SCF command;
  • The special resource function SRF is responsible for providing media resources required by the business, and providing operations such as playing recording notifications and receiving DTMF according to the SCF command.


3. Business Process

Comparison with Intelligent Network -->


4. Technical Comparison between service nodes and Intelligent Network


5. Business example: mobile music search

Network deployment:

Business Process:

Music Search signaling process:


6. Business Platform evolution:

A business platform is an interface that provides unified standards. SP/CP and third parties use the business development environment provided by the carrier to develop and create new businesses and applications. Provides functions such as business execution, business development, resource management, and business management.

Business platform system 1.0:

  • Directly based onBasic exchange and Transmission Network The business platform is called the business platform system 1.0.
  • At present, different businesses in various telecom business systems perform business access, network construction, business control, and application development respectively.
  • Carriers expect that the research on unified telecommunication services based on the intelligent network platform has basically stagnated.

Business Platform System 2.0:

  • The Softswitch-Based Integrated Business Management Platform is called the business platform system 2.0.
  • The platform can be centrally managed on the basis of many existing business platforms to provide convenient and open interfaces for new businesses.
  • There is no full access independence and SIP global support, and business and control are not completely separated.

Business Platform System 3.0:

  • The IMS-based business platform is called the Business Platform System 3.0.
  • Provides real-time And customizable multimedia service solutions based on SIP, allowing you to run multiple sip sessions at the same time on a single terminal.
  • A Unified IP-based application platform is built for the future all-IP networks.

Author: gnuhpc
Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/gnuhpc/

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