China Xiling wants to be the master of Zhejiang Painting and Calligraphy auction

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The total estimated price is 0.14 billion. The largest auction ever in Zhejiang province will be held at the Zhejiang World Trade Center on March 13 and March 3. This is the first auction since the founding of China Xiling Auction Co., Ltd.
Strengths of established cultural institutions
China's Inshi is the oldest and most influential academic group in the history of stone carving. It has been around for more than 1904 years since its founding in 100. Its lofty academic position and profound historical and cultural heritage have laid the position of "The world's first club" in China's touchstone carving and even the cultural circle. There are more than 10000 collections. As a well-established state-owned cultural institution, Z has established its own auction company in the form of a joint-stock system. In the current "hot collections", it uses its own unique brand and talent resources, seize the opportunity and promptly intervene in the favorite market.
Master Session Highlights
The auction brings together 1200 million items and has five special sessions: ancient Chinese paintings and calligraphy, modern Chinese famous paintings and calligraphy, Haipai paintings and calligraphy, and ten masters of modern China. It became an auction of art with the highest overall valuation and the largest scale in Zhejiang history. However, at the beginning, only more than 100 photos were collected. China Xishi Auction Co., Ltd. took the initiative to attack and get out of Hangzhou, looking at the nationwide collection of goods. Mr. Lu said: "It is rare for general auction houses to take the initiative to collect photos from all over the country ."
The works of the ten masters in modern China will be held at Ren bernian, Wu Changshuo, Huang Binhong, Pan Tianshou, Qi Baishi, Zhang Daqian, Lin Fengmian, Fu Baoshi, Lu shaoshao, and Xu Beihong. No matter which one, it is the focus of attention in any auction, but it is the first time to gather the works of Ten Masters. Among them, Pan Tianshou's eight-foot lobby "Spring Pond plumbing" is a piece of work that makes the collectors delighted. It was made at the more than 6 million Beijing auction, some insiders estimated that this painting will not only create the highest price for Pan Tianshou's work, but also create the highest price for a single piece of modern Chinese painters. There is also Wu Changshuo's 8-foot Whole "Yannian Yishou", which is particularly rare; Huang Binhong's 15 pieces of work are mostly excellent products after the age of 80; Zhang Daqian's-year-old man's two-foot "Panasonic View" and so on.
The high quality of the best auction is another highlight of the auction. Another highlight of the "05 Xishi spring auction" is the session on ancient calligraphy and painting. The session on ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting covers three dynasties: Yuan, Ming and Qing. Among them, Guo Qiao, famous painter of the Ming Dynasty, "Zhu Wen Zhenggong Xiang" is the first work that was recorded in Shi canbao Yu. Zhang Daqian's favorite Chen lailian's "old cold two friends map" and Chen Xiaolian's "red tree stone map" are amazing.
Academic groups are involved in the cultural industry
In the face of such a cultural organization that has created a huge influence and accumulated rich background, commercial development and utilization in the market economy is a new attempt to adapt to the development of the times. As the first pilot unit for the reform of the cultural system in Hangzhou, China entered a new space and opportunities in the cultural industry, while fully embodying the core connotation of the brand "China entered, explore a new interaction model between industrial subjects and associations, and combine famous masters, famous works, and famous products. Integrate various resources to create brands with commensurate status and influence in the industrial operation field.

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