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The media industry is the oldest eye economy.
The reason is very simple, no one knows you, no one to look at you, listen to you, you have no influence. Without influence, all the ideas about profit become the moon in the mirror, so influence determines profitability. Media people's commonplace two marketing theories or three marketing theories, such as selling content to readers and selling them to advertisers, are based on forging influence. Content and distribution, are two "cornerstone".

The development of the Internet in China, "media flavor" is very heavy. Today, we can not accurately evaluate the "domestic" Internet media development mode, whether it is the advantages or disadvantages of large. From a commercial point of view, media development is passable. Although later grabbed the message and data value-added services, and even online games, but now in retrospect, still scared and sigh: Because advertising revenue and forging influence of "burning money" comparison, is bucket and inadequate. Many websites die at the tipping point of the reversal, stupid and tragic. However, from the sociological point of view, the development of Internet media in China has far-reaching significance, at least through the interaction of the Internet and the real-time nature, in speech, we start from gossip and pornography, taste a little bit of the pleasure of democratic speech. Although in the eyes of the network elite, the network of speech democracy has risen to language violence, but I always think should: "Let the storm more violent!" ”

Today's Chinese Internet environment has been different 10 years ago, with traffic and attention highly concentrated in the portal. For new websites, the opportunity cost and marginal cost of getting traffic is getting bigger, it's like a snowball, once the start can not be cleaned up. Therefore, hype and PR become a compulsory course for the website market personnel. The purpose is only one, get the flow, and then use the flow to cash out.

Xiangdong, president of Qihoo Network, said the Internet in the future has "countless ways to make money". In my opinion, no matter how Chine the model, there are only two kinds of money collection: First, the user pays, and the third party pays. The mode of traffic liquidity is typical of the third party payment mode. Therefore, this is back to the beginning of this article, the network bubble period of "Burning Money" feat, but also in the practice of "two marketing theory."

Why does it fail to burn money to make a flow? The theoretical analysis of media operations, that is, the Internet in the distribution of the lack of targeted and purposeful, information has not been disseminated to the "target users", so two times the chances of marketing success is not. And burning money is only "two times marketing" the necessary conditions, not sufficient condition. If the early Internet operation is equated with the media operation, then it is definitely a very extensive even bold and unconstrained operation behavior. Low-efficiency distribution, in contrast to the site operation, equivalent to "garbage flow."

The Web2.0 is also the same as the main blog application. As long as you start by simply pursuing the flow of traffic, then you have 99% of the potential to die in the pursuit of the creeping flow of the road. The 1% chance is that you have to spend more than enough money to complete the "two times marketing." Time is really different, whether 1.0 or 2.0, from the beginning of the project will be closely combined with the traditional industry, based on the traditional industry upstream and downstream users to provide services, rather than simply to obtain traffic, the pursuit of clicks. Traffic should be a by-product of the site's operations. From this point of view, the Internet is not a new economy, but an outright old economy.

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