Chinese characters garbled during SecureCRT login to Ubuntu9.10

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1. Cancel the default dot matrix font cd/etc/fonts/conf In Ubuntu. dsudoln-sf .. /conf. avail/66-wqy-zenhei-sharp-no13px.conf66-wqy-zenhei-sharp.conf2. during initial installation of Ubuntu, sudoapt-getinstallvsftpdxinetdtelnetd without ftp/telnet needs to be set :/

1. Cancel the default dot matrix font of Ubuntu.
Cd/etc/fonts/conf. d
Sudo ln-sf ../conf. avail/66-wqy-zenhei-sharp-no13px.conf 66-wqy-zenhei-sharp.conf

2. There is no ftp/telnet for the initial installation of Ubuntu.

Sudo apt-get install vsftpd xinetd telnetd
Note the following line in the/etc/vsftpd. conf file: local_enable = YES. You can use a linux user to log on to ftp (otherwise, you can only log on anonymously ).
There is another problem. In FTP put, it seems that the put fails due to permission issues, and the attempt to root login also fails. The reason is not found yet. I will study it later.

3. su-root
After Ubuntu is installed for the first time, it cannot log on to the root user by default. At this time, you can run the following command to modify the root password to su-root.

Sudo passwd root

4. New Fonts
Upload the font file to the/home/. fonts directory and execute the following command to refresh the font cache. Then you can use the new font.

Sudo is not sudo. In addition, we recommend that you change the font permission to 755 for other users to read.

5. The last one is also the title of this article. It is also a problem that bothers me for one night. In SecureCRT login found Chinese garbled problem, tried some ways on the Internet, the encoding to change the UTF-8 GBK are problematic, and finally found the original font character set is also related, now I want to organize the changes as follows.

(1) Add a line in the/var/lib/locales/supported. d/local file: zh_CN.UTF-8 UTF-8, execute sudo locale-gen to download the file
(2) Add two lines in/etc/environment: LANG = "zh_CN.UTF-8" and LC_ALL = "zh_CN.UTF-8"
(3 )~ /. Add two lines in profile: export LANG = "zh_CN.UTF-8" and export LC_ALL = "zh_CN.UTF-8", execute. profile
(4) In SecureCRT, select the terminal type as Linux, select the Encoding As UTF-8, the most important is to select a font that supports the GB2312 character set. Because my commonly used Monaco fonts are not supported, I have to give up. I can find a "YaHei Mono" on the Internet to display it normally, although it does not look as good as Monaco, but I am still getting used to it. (remember to use a Yahei console font in netbeans to design my graduation project in college.) For details, see here.

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