Chinese BPM business Process management for international companies how do I get to the ground?

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Founded in 1938 in Japan and headquartered in Tokyo, Cornell can invest in China since 2002, and now invests in 8 companies in Wuxi, Hubei, Xiangfan and Guangzhou, with a total investment of over $100 million. The company mainly produces automotive modules and radiators, car air conditioners, silencers, instrument panels, meters and other automotive parts, products are mainly for Japan and the world famous car manufacturers, such as: Nissan, GM, BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi and so on.

Selection background
The systems currently used by Cornell include Oracle ESB, Exchange, Sharepoint, AD, IFS, UF, so it is essential to have an open framework for BPM selection requirements that integrates with each system and wants to address the following issues:

    • Realize single sign-on platform unification;
    • Build Mobile approval platform;
    • can provide rich experience in the process of landing;
    • Enterprise budget process, standardized management;
    • To get through the information interaction between IFS, UF and Oracle systems;
    • Extended to other branches by the head office.

As Cornell can participate in the international market competition pass, not only to learn from the headquarters experience, and to maintain a high level of consistency, but also to combine the business requirements of China's business management, so the requirements of the BPM manufacturers are two-way, their own products, and the original system of adequate understanding, to ensure the smooth implementation of the latter.

Contract K2
As a multinational company with integrated operation and production of auto parts, Cornell has unique ideas and methods in information construction. Contracted with the K2 BPM platform in October 2014, the K2 flagship product K2 Blackpearl as a workflow engine drives the operation of the entire company's business processes. On-line Core process: Budget process, financial payment (for public and private), attendance class process (overtime, leave), price decision process (PR, PO), it notebook loan process.

K2 customer stories in the Automotive & auto parts Industry

Chinese BPM business Process management for international companies how do I get to the ground?

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