[Chinese New Year Notes] New Year's Day

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Longhua Temple

"One chicken in the left hand and one duck in the right hand" Haha, I haven't arrived yet. On the first day, I went to the temple to worship Buddha according to the old family rules. At noon, I had a vegetarian meal in the temple. This is easy because of a mother's arrangement in the past year. This year, I did it myself. No, mm is here for me. Longhua Temple is near home. A feature of Shanghai is queuing. I did not expect that there are so many people in Longhua Temple today, and there will be scalpers in the queue. At ordinary times, a 10 yuan coupon is worth 20 yuan. The price is acceptable, but the key is that the temple door is not crowded. I found a high point. Wow, they are all people, and they see "cigarette smoke, surging crowds ". Alas, this is really a smoke. "Is there a lot of fragrance, and my heart is sincere? As I said, are they all uncivilized for environmental protection and cultural relics protection! Run the question. Finally, I decided not to go in. Wait for a few days and I will try again.

Chengshu Temple

There are still many people. The Temple of the city has been around for many times. This time, MM came to look at the ring. Shanghai old temple gold and Donghua meijing are actually those familiar. "Two people in the world platinum wedding ring"The advertisement will only be known after I have spent several stores with MM. Mm was found to have been "Predicate". When she arrived at the store, she directly asked the clerk about the ad's ring counter. MM thinks the real effect is not as good as advertisement (PS: I am not handsome, but you are more beautiful than the heroine ). The advertising effect cannot be ignored, especially for mm and kids. It seems that this year is about to get married! Look at this advertisement and feel the happiness of getting married. I was touched by the quote of advertising words. The sweet life of couples is simple, full, striving, and sharing yes I do.

Good fortune or adversity

Whether poor or rich

Mutual respect


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