Chinese garbled characters in googleearth5?

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Chinese garbled characters in googleearth5? -- Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, refer to the following section. The Chinese version of google earth installed on centos5.3 cannot be displayed.
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If Google Earth is installed in Linux and cannot be started, Chinese garbled characters and Images cannot be displayed.
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The linux environment here is Ubuntu 8.04.
1. Install
Download the google Earth Installation File GoogleEarthLinux. bin from the Google website.
Set executable permissions chomod + x GoogleEarthLinux. bin
Sudo./GoogleEarthLinux. bin
Next, the graphic interface is displayed, which is exactly the same as windows installation.
Do not start GoogleEarth after installation, because you are still using sudo permissions, which may cause trouble for normal users to start Google Earth later.
2. Unable to start
This is because the libcrypto. so built on Google Earth is incompatible with the system libssl, so it cannot be started. All we need to do is delete this database:
Sudo rm/opt/google-earth/libcrypto. so *
3. Chinese garbled characters
If you have installed QT (a programming environment)
Sudo rm/opt/google-earth/libQt *
Sudo apt-get install libqt4-webkit libqt4-gui libqt4-network libqt4-core (untested here, from the Internet)
4. The image cannot be displayed.
Due to the QT problem, the solution is simple:
Sudo rm/opt/google-earth/qt. conf
5. The reason for deleting these libraries that come with Google Earth is to make them use the default library of the system. now enjoy!

Because the Ubuntu Desktop effect conflicts with the OpenGL application, you must disable the desktop effect. Otherwise, the windows of the OpenGL program will flash continuously.
If you encounter no hair creation/root /. the cache folder in googleearth (this is because you chose to start Google Earth or sudo mode at the end of installation). You can use the following command to solve the problem:
Cd ~ /. Config
Sudo chown your username Google
Cd Google
Sudo chown your username GoogleEarthPlus. conf

The above method does not work in centos ...........
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