Chinese garbled solution for IPhone Zbar Library--Recompile LIBZBAR.A

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Zbar has a problem, for the Chinese two-dimensional code support often appear garbled. Zbar default Support Shif-jis, UTF-8, iso8859-1, but do not support GB18030, and many of the generated two-dimensional code is GB18030 (or GBK, GB2312), so the Zbar decoded out of the direct garbled

This change is actually very simple, only need to modify a file on it, see the following code.

Zbar/qrcode/qrdectxt.c objective-c

int Qr_code_data_list_extract_text (const qr_code_data_list *_qrlist,                                      zbar_image_scanner_t *ISCN,                                      zbar_image_t *img) {   iconv_t                SJIS_CD;    iconv_t               UTF8_CD ;    iconv_t               latin1_ cd;    Const qr_code_data   *qrdata;    int                    Nqrdata;    unsigned char        *mark;    int                     ntext;    int                     i;    qrdata = _qrlist-> qrdata;    nqrdata = _qrlist-> nqrdata;    mark = (unsigned char *) calloc (nqrdata, sizeof (*mark));    ntext = 0;   /*this is the encoding of the standard says is the default.*///focus here, let's not iso8859-1, just change to GB18030.  &N Bsp Latin1_cd=iconv_open ("UTF-8", "iso8859-1");Latin1_cd=iconv_open ("UTF-8", "GB18030");/*but This one is often used, as well.*/SJIS_CD = Iconv_open ("UTF-8", "Sjis"); /*this is trivial conversion just to check validity without extra code.*/utf8_cd

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